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[Discussion] 60FPS patches for PSP games that run at 30FPS
09-02-2013, 11:39 PM
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RE: 60FPS patches for PSP games that run at 30FPS
(09-02-2013 11:13 PM)vnctdj Wrote:  
(09-02-2013 09:54 PM)VIRGIN KLM Wrote:  Yes but 99% of the times it's simply an offset on the memory allocation.
Judging from the addresses I see online on the EUR and USA versions of the game, for example, on the Infinite Money cheat I see that USA version has an offset of +00000140 so on the EUR version the address you're looking for must be 0x2030C6A0, try it.

So I tested the following code :
_C1 15FPS Cap
_L 0x2030C6A0 0x00000001

And indeed, I can see a 15 FPS cap while the game is running...
But here is a question : Is it normal that when the intro video is displayed the game still run at 60 FPS ?

If the question means if I get that too then yes, if the question means if it's supposed to work that way, I don't think there will be somebody that could answer that question. I need to find the exact way the game changes video mode and I found only a clue so far.
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