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[Discussion] 60FPS patches for PSP games that run at 30FPS
06-12-2022, 12:02 PM
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RE: [Discussion] 60FPS patches for PSP games that run at 30FPS
(06-12-2022 06:55 AM)LunaMoo Wrote:  My guesses would be game might be programmed to reduce FPS in specific conditions to conserve power, using additional frameskip to the one that was patched. Could also be another timing issues, PPSSPP is far from being as slow as the real hardware and some games behave weirdly when programmed in a lazy, timing dependant manner. In both cases it could be patched via cwcheat, but in the first case it would not be an emulation bug.

Also there's a possibility just increasing emulated CPU clock would stop the FPS from dropping as it might simply be too slow to run at 60fps in that scene with default clocks.
Congrats on the promotion, i can certainly see why. Big Grin You were again absolutely right, i changed cpu clock from "Auto" to 333MHz, and all drops are gone, it's rock stable everywhere now ( well, if i wildly, and i do mean wildly, rotate and move the map at the same time it drops to 50fps sometimes, but i think it is safe to conclude it's the clocks again) Thanks again!

(06-12-2022 07:33 AM)ceevee Wrote:  @LunaMoo Is it normal to not hold 60 FPS in Jeanne D'Arc, even with the 60 FPS cheat? FPS drops to 30-50 in a battle.

PPSSPP 1.12.3 windows. 12700K/3080Ti
Change the option in the picture.

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