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[Discussion] 60FPS patches for PSP games that run at 30FPS
05-29-2016, 08:10 AM (This post was last modified: 04-22-2017 11:08 AM by Kabuto_Kun.)
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RE: [Discussion] 60FPS patches for PSP games that run at 30FPS
Dante's Inferno PSP @60FPS, any release/version(?)
This game has an .ini file with the name "ENGINE.INI" which is located in the USDIR folder of the ISO, this file contains some adjustable engine settings and one of them says "MaxFPS". For some reason the developers decided to set an odd FPS cap value, by default it has a value of "40", that is 40 FPS.

The game was believed to run at wrong framerate on PPSSPP, but it runs like that even on real PSP.

If you want to change this MaxFPS, you have 2 options:
1- Extract the file ENGINE.INI from the game ISO, edit it with a text editor with the new MaxFPS value you want, import it back to the game and rebuild the ISO.
2- Use a Hex Editor (I recommend HxD, it's free), load the game ISO on it (using a CSO game won't work), search for the text "MaxFPS =" (no quotes). When you find it, after the = sign you will see the actual value (40 by default), just change the number and save the ISO file with the changes.

You can set the MaxFPS to any number, for example the game runs great at 60 FPS, but if you want to use a lower value than default to make the game run better with weak hardware (like Android users), don't use a number lower than 30 FPS or the ingame videos will run slower than they should.

I tried to change the value by using CW cheats but the function that loads the value from the ENGINE.INI file is one of the first to run on game boot, so even after I found where the value was saved in RAM from the .INI, there is not enough time for the cheats to have any effect.

After more research, I made a CW cheat version of the MaxFPS variable previously explained, and it can be changed ingame without issues.

Dante's Inferno [USA/EUR], ULUS10469.ini / ULES01387.ini / ULES01388.ini and more (read details below)
_S ULUS-10469/ULES-01387/ULES-01388
_G Dante's Inferno [USA/EUR]
_C0 60+ FPS
_L 0xE0030064 0x001C239C
_L 0xE002004B 0x103E4B40
_L 0x203E4B40 0x0000004B
_L 0x20022EE4 0x3C5A740E//1/75=0.01333
_C0 40 FPS [Default]
_L 0xE0030064 0x001C239C
_L 0xE0020028 0x103E4B40
_L 0x203E4B40 0x00000028
_L 0x20022EE4 0x3CCCCCCD//1/40=0.025
_C0 30 FPS
_L 0xE0030064 0x001C239C
_L 0xE002001E 0x103E4B40
_L 0x203E4B40 0x0000001E
_L 0x20022EE4 0x3D088889//1/30=0.03333
*Cheat Status: No issues.
- The game engine uses custom code to limit/cap its maximum framerate, which is not as efficient as using the built-in PSP functions for it.

The best and better performing way to play this game is to uncap the internal framerate via its game engine (using the default 60+ FPS cheat, which actually has a value for 75FPS) and then the PSP functions will limit the framerate to 60FPS.

You can test by yourself that while running the game with the emulator speed unthrottled, you will get more FPS using the 60+ FPS cheat than at the default 40FPS.

- I have tested this same cheat with the USA (ULUS-10469), EUR-ENG (ULES-01387) and EUR-SPA (ULES-01388) releases and it worked for all of them because they have the same EBOOT.BIN file (MD5 checksum match). If other releases/regions for other languages use the same EBOOT.BIN file aswell then this same cheat should work with all of them.

Spider-Man 2 [USA], ULUS10015.ini
_S ULUS-10015
_G Spider-Man 2 [USA]
_C0 60 FPS
_L 0x203610E4 0x00000000
_C0 30 FPS [Default]
_L 0x203610E4 0x00000001
Spider-Man 2 [EUR-English], ULES00022.ini
_S ULES-00022
_G Spider-Man 2 [EUR-ENG]
_C0 60 FPS
_L 0x2036019C 0x00000000
_C0 30 FPS [Default]
_L 0x2036019C 0x00000001
Spider-Man 2 [EUR-Multi5], ULES00023.ini
_S ULES-00023
_G Spider-Man 2 [EUR-Multi5]
_C0 60 FPS
_L 0x2035CA14 0x00000000
_C0 30 FPS [Default]
_L 0x2035CA14 0x00000001
Spider-Man 2 [JAP], ULJM-05102.ini
_S ULJM-05102
_G Spider-Man 2 [JAP]
_C0 60 FPS
_L 0x2034AEF8 0x00000000
_C0 30 FPS [Default]
_L 0x2034AEF8 0x00000001
*Cheat Status: No issues.

Saru Get You - Piposaru Racer [JAP], UCJS10032.ini
_S UCJS-10032
_G Saru Get You - Piposaru Racer [JAP]
_C0 60 FPS
_L 0x204A24C8 0x00000001
_C0 30 FPS [Default]
_L 0x204A24C8 0x00000002
_C0 20 FPS
_L 0x204A24C8 0x00000003
Saru Get You - Piposaru Racer Demo [JAP], UCJS10032.ini (it has the same game ID as the full game)
_S UCJS-10032
_G Saru Get You - Piposaru Racer Demo [JAP]
_C0 60 FPS
_L 0x208042C8 0x00000001
_C0 30 FPS [Default]
_L 0x208042C8 0x00000002
_C0 20 FPS
_L 0x208042C8 0x00000003
*Cheat Status: No issues.

(05-10-2016 12:57 PM)Mills Wrote:  What about the PSP version of Ape Escape? It has some 60fps loading scenes Smile
I have tried to unlock this game but no luck so far. I'll try again with a different approach soon.

(05-11-2016 07:12 AM)isamu Wrote:  Is there a 60fps patch for Ys Seven?
Yes I have a 60FPS code for Ys Seven, but it's not perfect and I prefer not to post incomplete codes anymore. The game timer runs at double speed, even after "fixing" the gamespeed.

PSP games that I have recently tried to unlock the framerate:
- Test Drive Unlimited: Originally runs at 20FPS. FPS unlocked with the vblank* method but the game has a lot of problems with the emulator (read about it at GITHUB) so I can't play it all full speed and test the real status of the cheat. I tested it on a REAL PSP and runs a lot better than default, but has some gamespeed problems.
- Justice League Heroes: Unlocked with vblank* method, runs at double speed.
- LEGO Star Wars III The Clone Wars: Unlocked with the vblank* method but runs at fake 60 FPS.
- Armored Core Silent Line: Unlocked with vblank* method, runs at double speed, which is sad if every other game in this series uses the same game engine.
- Mortal Kombat Unchained: Combat mode runs at 50 FPS but story mode runs at 30 FPS. No luck so far.
- Saru Get You - SaruSaru Daisakusen: Another game from the Ape Escape series. Unlocked with easy method but runs at double speed.
- Ace Combat X: No luck in unlocking the FPS, which is sad if every other game in this series uses the same game engine. : 60FPS master list, Mar. 2017 ; Reddit /u/Kabuto_Kun : Unlock FPS in PSP games ("easy method") : Permanently patch a PSP game with CW cheats.
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