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[Discussion] 60FPS patches for PSP games that run at 30FPS
11-12-2015, 01:31 PM (This post was last modified: 11-12-2015 03:51 PM by FreezingFaster.)
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About MHP2ndG and the 60 fps patch
Hello everyone, sorry if I bring this up again.
It's about the 60 fps thing that I seem to not understand. Here's what I've tried: I searched on this forum with the search box and from google, and I've seen some people claiming that they're playing mhfu at 60 fps.
I tried some suggestions, changing clock and other values, even if I already knew that the game is locked at 30 fps by the code, so I tried looking for a fps cheat but the closest I've come across is the monster hunter portable 2nd G cheat. Which I tried just for fun even if the version was the wrong one and it came out that in mhfu [EU] the same code set the time remaining for the mission to 0:00 Tongue
So can anyone link me the cheat code to make this game work at 60 fps?
Oh btw I've even seen videos on youtube of mhfu at 60 fps and it seems they were legit, so I might just be terrible at finding things, because by the time I've wrote this I could've spent more time searching, but I've already spent a lot of time searching and writing here was my last resource.
Sorry for the bad english and the wall of text.
The ppssspp versions i'm using are 2, one is the latest and the other one I have no idea, if that can help.
THe mhfu version i'm using is the EU version (I believe, as there are english, french, spanish, italian etc as languages)
Thanks in advance.
If it comes to the worst I'll probably go to the 2nd G version.

1: so I couldnt wait and I actually tried the 60 fps cheat for mhp2ndG on mhp2ndG and it seems unplayable due to incorrect hitboxes on most attacks, unless you play bow or bowguns, so I'll add a question: is that the final cheat? I read somewhere in an other post that the one who was working on it decided to stop because there were too many little details to take care of, or something among that line, and I can't blame him, but if anyone knows a post I missed where there is a more playable version of the cheat please tell me.

2: if it can help, the problem with most melee hitbox and probably why there is no problem with ranged, is that the weapon hitbox seem to start and finish way behind where it should be, so you see yourself where you should be but your weapon is behind you (hitbox wise). That's from what I've seen at least, dont know if THAT is exactly what is happening. An other issue is that the stamina bar depletes twice as faster, and I'm not talking about running, I'm talking about the max stamina getting lower every 3 minutes instead of 6, but this is minor compared to the other problem.

3: would it be easier to slow down all the game to half speed while keeping the max 30 fps? i see that when i deactivate the 60 fps cheat some if not all attack animations go half the normal speed until I restart ppsspp. Oh I'm talking as a noob I have almost no idea of how this work. From what I understood, what you did was doubling the max fps value, or game speed, while halving the speed of most animations so that it runs at 60 fps but doesnt go twice as fast? And that's why other things like the time at the end of missions last only 30 seconds instead of 60, the max stamina consumption is doubled, the projectiles go twice as fast and you fall faster. But without touching the fps limit and keeping it at 30 is it possible to instead halve the game speed instead of doubling it? So that everything goes in slow-mo but at 30 fps? I don't care about the sound issue, I can always disable it.
Then again these are all noob questions so most of them are probably stupid when seen by someone who knows what I'm asking.

4: about the hitbox I found an other way to see the issue. At this point I'm just theorycrafting. Being that the speed of the game is doubled, the problem about the hitbox could be that the time the weapon can hit is halved, and that's why the O attack of the katana always hit, because It's fast and the weapon almost doesn't move, while the triangle attack makes the charachter move forward, but the hitbox time ends before the animation ends. Confirming this, the projectiles hitbox times work properly because the projectiles travel twice as fast, in time with the collision times.
So the solution would be to find the value for the hitbox times and doubling it? However it would take a lot of time and effort if every hitbox had its own value instead of a general value for the times.

p.s. thanks for the merge
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