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[Discussion] 60FPS patches for PSP games that run at 30FPS
04-19-2015, 03:18 PM (This post was last modified: 07-28-2015 03:16 AM by Gehrich.)
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RE: [Discussion] 60FPS patches for PSP games that run at 30FPS
(04-19-2015 02:28 PM)LunaMoo Wrote:  @Gehrich again, thanks for testing, most of those things should be fixed now with update 7 ~ still need to look up projectiles speed.
It's my pleasure. I was just playing my third favourite FF and pointing out problems while you're the one that's doing all the tedious work. Rechecking potential problems is the only thing I have to go out of my way for. I guess I should start testing seriously since I want to help as much as I can on making this play normally.

On to testing. I'll update this post throughout the day to report all findings. Edit: Trying a new report format. I'll bold the item and explain all problems after. Should prevent messy reports like yesterday's, and I'll continually edit each item's explanation until I say I'm done for the day.

Projectiles: Most projectiles confirmed to be sped up. Spells and bullets from both sides, Trey's arrows, all of Cater's attacks, Cinque's Earth Impulse, and Sice's Dark Nebula and Psycho Vortex.

Charge Attacks: Charging speed for Trey's, Cater's, and Ace's base charge attacks is double. Cinque's Full Swing and King's Powered Bullet charging speeds are double, as well. Same is probably true for all charge ups.

Other Abilities: 1. The fiery red circle of Nine's Jump appears and hits enemies before he stabs the ground. It seems like the fiery circle is it's own animation tagged onto the end of the Jump animation. 2. Queen's Cross Judge rotates at double speed. 3. Anytime King is still his shots take double ammo and hit twice (standing attack, post-dodge "crouching" attack, and Endless Waltz). Doesn't happen when locked on nor when moving, but he shoots twice as fast instead. Basically, anytime he's shooting his DPS is doubled.

150% Speed: Here's a weird one. Instead of toggling 150% speed for everything, only certain animations of certain characters and enemies get sped up (it's usually only running animations from what I can tell). I've only noticed Machina, Cater, and Imperial Army Commander be affected so far. It's harder to confirmed triggers since I have to watch Machina while playing other characters. It seems to happen during Imperial Army Commander's grenades, Nine's High Jump, occasionally during King's new still-standing "double shot," King's Powered Bullet, and maybe when switching between the two characters that aren't Machina. Edit: Queen started going faster at some point. Nothing that triggered the other characters would trigger her, so it seems like the triggers are extremely selective now. Edit2: I was grinding for SHG2 spells when I noticed that charging spells is a definite 150% trigger.

Scenes: The panning and text of the Moogle Class scenes go at double speed, but audio is normal.

Minor Details: (Listing these in case you plan to finely polish the patch.) 1. There's a frame or two in the Relic spinning animation that glitches out. Seems to be when the animation loops. 2. The fountain water in the Fountain Plaza is going double speed. It causes frequent texture scaling slowdown due to how PPSSPP reapplies scaling. Unnecessary reapplication of scaling fixed in newer builds. 3. The double speed of the Alto Crystarium causes a sizable performance hit. Sometimes it uses more than 80% of my GPU, sometimes it only takes ~60%. It's one of the most resource heavy parts of the game. For reference, I average 43% for most of the game.

Side notes: 1. Decided to test all projectiles since you mentioned projectile animation (I had thought it was only Ace's cards before). Personally, I like the enemy bullets being faster for realism and difficulty purposes. It also makes Cater more potent (which she kinda needs later on). I wouldn't mind this staying if it weren't for the fact that it buffs the already powerful Ace, and it makes speed stat for spells a little less useful. 2. Seeing enemies die while Nine is still in the air is hilarious. It's a decent buff to Nine, but it just looks silly and broken. 3. Seems like King is the most powerful character at the moment. He ain't playing games with those fast bullets and double shots. 4. Trying to find and fix everything affected by the Ifrit fix must be a pain on your end. Thankfully, the 150% is now only a minor hindrance for playing, but it's only gotten harder trying to test the causes and effects.

Alright, I'm done for today. I got sidetracked, so I couldn't fit the Code Crimson into today's sessions. Most characters and all four of chapter 3's combat exercises done. Next Code Crimson and a rehash of character testing when there's an update.
Edit: I made two late edits to 150%. Thought I should bring attention to that.
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