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[Discussion] 60FPS patches for PSP games that run at 30FPS
04-12-2015, 04:44 PM (This post was last modified: 04-18-2015 10:20 AM by Gehrich.)
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RE: [Discussion] 60FPS patches for PSP games that run at 30FPS
Made a code for the USA version of Dissidia 012 since only the Prologus and EUR versions were covered so far.
_S ULUS-10566
_G Dissidia 012 Final Fantasy [USA]
_C0 Force 60 FPS
_L 0x20413AA4 0x00000001
_C0 Force 30 FPS
_L 0x20413AA4 0x00000002
_C0 Force 20 FPS
_L 0x20413AA4 0x00000003
Edit: Turns out USA and EUR versions use the same address for framerate. I'll leave this here, anyways. Anyone know if the other "easy" method codes work across versions?

I've tested extensively. 16+ hours, played 12 characters, fought against every character, saw every assist and summon.

Visual problems:
--Most 2D elements (GUI/menu, summon animations, etc) are double speed like darkcloudl mentioned.
--Stuttering during end-battle poses and pre-rendered cutscenes.
Gameplay problem:
--Defending EX attacks (mashing to reduce brave damage) is impossible.
--When high in the air Chaos' dive kick can infinitely loop, locking the battle. Frequently happened during 013 final battle (even in 30 fps, but at a lesser rate). Battle Mode (1v1) Chaos and Feral Chaos in 000 seem unaffected.
--Auto frameskip lowers FPS to 56-58 fps even when steady framerates of 65+ can be reached with frameskip off.
--The whitescreen softlock when returning to main menu or to the gil shop happens slightly more often.

The visual problems don't affect gameplay at all. Everything that's confirmed working fine: assist gauge, assists, EX duration, EX attacks, EX force absorption (the blue EX orbs), regen, all timers (including summon effects), aerial chase, accessory/booster effects, and movement/attack speeds of all characters. That should be everything that could have been affected besides character specifics (which only 013 Chaos seems to have, so far).
A stopwatch was used to confirm summon timers, assist gauge decrease, and EX duration. The rest was just playing with and without 60 fps or paying close attention. Game is fine for normal play as long as you savestate before going into the gil shop or back to main menu.

I've tried Kabuto_Kun's "easy" method for Castlevania Dracula X Chronicles (USA) and FF3 (USA), but they didn't work. Others are welcome to try in case I missed something. I assume listing games that don't work with the easy method helps?
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