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[Discussion] 60FPS patches for PSP games that run at 30FPS
04-10-2015, 04:54 AM (This post was last modified: 04-19-2015 02:18 PM by LunaMoo.)
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RE: [Discussion] 60FPS patches for PSP games that run at 30FPS
This one is imperfect as it does not have a simple speed switch which affects everything, but it came a long way since I wrote in this thread that I know how to do it and I think it's ready to share:3. Had lots of problems especially with timed events, but hopefully I catched all of the bothersome stuff, so it should be playable;3.

_S NPJH-50443/_S NPJH-50444
_G Final Fantasy Type 0
_C0 60 fps
_L 0xE0880002 0x00008744
_L 0x20008744 0x26730001
_L 0x201651EC 0x0A20082E
_L 0x200020B8 0x3C0408C8
_L 0x200020BC 0x3C1B4000
_L 0x200020C0 0x449B6800
_L 0x200020C4 0x460D8403
_L 0x200020C8 0x0A25947D
_L 0x200020CC 0x460D7383
_L 0x20165294 0x0A200828
_L 0x200020A0 0x3C0408C8
_L 0x200020A4 0x3C1B4000
_L 0x200020A8 0x449B6800
_L 0x200020AC 0x460D8403
_L 0x200020B0 0x0A2594A7
_L 0x200020B4 0x460D7383
_L 0x2014175C 0x0A20081C
_L 0x20002070 0x3C1B4100
_L 0x20002074 0x449BE000
_L 0x20002078 0x461C683C
_L 0x2000207C 0x3C1B08C6
_L 0x20002080 0x45010004
_L 0x20002084 0x8F7B17F8
_L 0x20002088 0x17600002
_L 0x2000208C 0x3C053F00
_L 0x20002090 0x54000001
_L 0x20002094 0x3C053F80
_L 0x20002098 0x0A2505D9
_L 0x2000A738 0x3C053E80
_L 0x202A5838 0x0A200812
_L 0x202A583C 0xC48C00AC
_L 0x20002048 0x3C1B4000
_L 0x2000204C 0x449BE000
_L 0x20002050 0x461C0003
_L 0x20002054 0x0A2A9610
_L 0x20002058 0x46006300
_L 0x202A53A8 0x0A200817
_L 0x202A53AC 0x00902021
_L 0x2000205C 0x3C1B4000
_L 0x20002060 0x449BE000
_L 0x20002064 0x461C0002
_L 0x20002068 0x0A2A94EC
_L 0x2000206C 0xC48C00AC
_L 0x20087CF8 0x0A2007FD
_L 0x20001FD8 0x3C1908BD
_L 0x20001FDC 0x8F3B6DEC
_L 0x20001FE0 0x341901F7
_L 0x20001FE4 0x17790007
_L 0x20001FEC 0x0A221F40
_L 0x20001FF4 0x3C1B08C6
_L 0x20001FF8 0x8F7B17F8
_L 0x20001FFC 0x1760FFF6
_L 0x20002000 0x460F6B42
_L 0x20002004 0x3C1B4000
_L 0x20002008 0x449BF000
_L 0x2000200C 0x461E6B43
_L 0x20002010 0x0A221F40
_L 0x20002014 0x461E7383
_L 0x20121824 0x46000300
_L 0x200BD46C 0x0A200807
_L 0x2000201C 0x3C040880
_L 0x20002020 0x8C9B2018
_L 0x20002024 0x13600003
_L 0x20002028 0x341B0001
_L 0x2000202C 0x2610FFFF
_L 0x20002030 0x341B0000
_L 0x20002034 0x0A22F51C
_L 0x20002038 0xAC9B2018
_L 0x20053084 0x2484003C
_L 0x2014186C 0x3C05BF00
_L 0x2017DAEC 0x28A5003C
_L 0x2020CD84 0x3404003C
_L 0x201FD924 0x3C043FC0
_L 0x201FD934 0x3C043FC0
_L 0x202E8E50 0x0A20080F
_L 0x2000203C 0x3C1B3F00
_L 0x20002040 0x0A2BA396
_L 0x20002044 0x449B6000
_L 0x20159CB0 0x3C053F00
_L 0x2000A998 0x3C043F00
_L 0x2000A734 0x00000000
_L 0x2000A73C 0x00000000
_L 0x2000A744 0x00000000
_L 0x2008A14C 0x3C043C88
_L 0x2024D1E4 0x0A200834
_L 0x2024D1E8 0x460DA343
_L 0x200020D0 0x4614A500
_L 0x200020D4 0x46146B43
_L 0x200020D8 0x4614A503
_L 0x200020DC 0x0A29347B
_L 0x200020E0 0x460D6300
_L 0x2019AFB4 0x0A200839
_L 0x200020E4 0x3C1B0880
_L 0x200020E8 0x0A266C01
_L 0x200020EC 0xAF761FD4
_L 0x2019B864 0x0A20083C
_L 0x2019B868 0xAC800000
_L 0x200020F0 0x3C1B0880
_L 0x200020F4 0xAF601FD4
_L 0x200020F8 0x0A266E1B
_L 0x200020FC 0x8224003D
_L 0x20084A2C 0x0A200840
_L 0x20002100 0xC48F0048
_L 0x20002104 0x3C1B4190
_L 0x20002108 0x449B6000
_L 0x2000210C 0x460F6032
_L 0x20002110 0x3C1B4000
_L 0x20002114 0x45010003
_L 0x20002118 0x449B6000
_L 0x2000211C 0x460C7383
_L 0x20002120 0x0A22128D
_L 0x20002124 0x3C1B0880
_L 0x20002128 0x8F7B1FD4
_L 0x2000212C 0x1360FFFB
_L 0x20002134 0x0A22128D
_L 0x2025D0E8 0x0A200850
_L 0x20002140 0x3C1B0880
_L 0x20002144 0x8F64213C
_L 0x20002148 0x10800003
_L 0x2000214C 0x34040001
_L 0x20002150 0x24A5FFFF
_L 0x20002154 0x34040000
_L 0x20002158 0x0A29743B
_L 0x2000215C 0xAF64213C
_L 0x20087D1C 0x0A200858
_L 0x20087D20 0x461E7BC3
_L 0x20002160 0x460F7302
_L 0x20002164 0x0A221F49
_L 0x20002168 0x460F6B42
_L 0x2012BD90 0x0A20085B
_L 0x2012BD94 0x441B6000
_L 0x2000216C 0x3C053F80
_L 0x20002170 0x17650002
_L 0x20002174 0x3C053F00
_L 0x20002178 0x3C053F80
_L 0x2000217C 0x0A24AF66
_L 0x20002180 0x44856800
_C0 60 fps [Disable]
_L 0x20008744 0x26730002
_L 0x201651EC 0x3C0408C8
_L 0x20165294 0x3C0408C8
_L 0x2014175C 0x3C053F80
_L 0x2000A738 0x3C053F00
_L 0x202A5838 0xC48C00AC
_L 0x202A583C 0x46006300
_L 0x202A53A8 0x00902021
_L 0x202A53AC 0xC48C00AC
_L 0x20087CF8 0x460F6B42
_L 0x20121824 0x46000306
_L 0x200BD46C 0x2610FFFF
_L 0x20053084 0x2484001E
_L 0x2014186C 0x3C05BF80
_L 0x2017DAEC 0x28A5001E
_L 0x2020CD84 0x8EC43D08
_L 0x201FD924 0x3C044040
_L 0x201FD934 0x3C044040
_L 0x202E8E50 0xC4AC01B4
_L 0x20159CB0 0x3C053F80
_L 0x2000A998 0x3C043F80
_L 0x2000A734 0x460F6302
_L 0x2000A73C 0x460F6B42
_L 0x2000A744 0x460F6302
_L 0x2008A14C 0x3C043D08
_L 0x2024D1E4 0x460DA343
_L 0x2024D1E8 0x460D6300
_L 0x2019AFB4 0x10000013
_L 0x2019B864 0xAC800000
_L 0x2019B868 0x8224003D
_L 0x20084A2C 0xC48F0048
_L 0x2025D0E8 0x24A5FFFF
_L 0x20087D1C 0x460F7302
_L 0x20087D20 0x460F6B42
_L 0x2012BD90 0x3C053F80
_L 0x2012BD94 0x44856800
_L 0x40001FD4 0x006C0001
_L 0x00000000 0x00000000
Update 1:
- hopefully timed events/cutscenes will all work properly including the walking scene at the start of the game, althrough I don't like how I patched it:|.
Update 2:
- corrected speed of some minor 2D animations like target/hand/menus,
- improved cutscene detection for timed events since some turned out still broken:C,
- corrected elevator time event(tutorial ~ shamefully I don't remember any other to testTongue),
- increased speed by 50% of few short summon charge animations as a workaround for Ifrit fireballs which get's broken otherwise.
Update 3:
- just a quick fix for update2, aka copy&paste fail.
Update 4:
- another quick fix ~ Ifrit fireball workaround part 2 aka the patch going over 100 lines.
Update 5:
- heh ifrit suck dragonballs;p, fix for his spell was breaking speed in certain locations, fixed now, hopefully without further suprises:|,
- fixed mission "Behind Enemy Lines".
Update 6:
- dunno how I missed it, but the cutscene at the start of the game was really unique in compare to others and fix for it, doubled the speed in possibly all other cutscenes which control movement speed as well as the world map, hopefully fixed now.
Update 7:
- hopefully 150% speed increases caused by ifrit fireball workaround should be fixed(still not properly:|, but I made it very specific to exact animation),
- extra timer in mission was slowed down to correct speed,
- 99lvl monsters should move at normal speed,
- entering sygil in the academy should not slow down movement anymore,
- disabled code which was increasing spell cost(frankly I can't remember what I thought it was doing:|).
To do:
- ifrit fireball bugs me from like forever, would be cool to figure it out properly:C,
- find&correct projectiles speed(?), good luck to me for finding something that lasts few frames. o.o - Custom PPSSPP Shaders! - simple CE scripts to help creating CWCheats, - CWCheat workarounds.
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