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[Discussion] 60FPS patches for PSP games that run at 30FPS
03-13-2015, 10:49 PM (This post was last modified: 03-13-2015 10:52 PM by AvonSenpai.)
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RE: 60FPS patches for PSP games that run at 30FPS
(03-13-2015 10:10 PM)LunaMoo Wrote:  
_G Lord of Arcana EU version test
_C0 60 fps
_L 0xE008000A 0x002EDA28
_L 0x202EDA28 0x0A200800
_L 0x20002000 0x3C1B08B4
_L 0x20002004 0x8F7B14FC
_L 0x20002008 0x13600005
_L 0x20002010 0x10800003
_L 0x20002018 0x0A2BB695
_L 0x20002020 0x0A2BB68C
_L 0x202ED878 0x4616B583
_C0 60 fps without fmv fix
_L 0xE002000A 0x002EDA28
_L 0x202EDA28 0x00000000
_L 0x202ED878 0x4616B583
_C0 60 fps [Disable]
_L 0x202EDA28 0x1480000A
_L 0x202ED878 0x00000000

Try the first one, if it works completely and fmv's play fine, that's cool, if not you can try the one without fmv fix, if that one works I will need an extra info for fmv's ~ do exactly same thing as before, but search for "sceKernelReleaseSubIntrHandler" after it finds it, look below that line for the first line starting from "lui" followed by line starting from "lw" opcodes they should be near the start of the next function, just few opcodes below the line you find. Then select them both, right click and "copy instruction" doesn't matter hex or disasm I need just part of the info from both of them.

Just in case it's not soo obvious, without fmv fix, fmv's get kind of ugly stutter, easy to test by just starting new game without saving:].

Well i tested now around , when i enable both Before the fmv´s run with and without fmv´s fix the fmv´s they stutter a bit (not really noticeable), with a horizontal line that gives disorders into the video constanly wandering from top to bot. I tryd to screenshot it but whatever reason i cant screenshoot it :/.

Btw : When i disabel while the fmv is playing the 60 fps patch the fmv works without problems.When i then enable the 60 fps patch again when the fmv still play fps goes up to 60 and fmv works fine for whatever reason but for every new fmv the problem comes back as above explained and can be fixed with my solve i said o: .

Sry for bad english i try my best hope u know what i mean , so i should still make the more info search or leave it as it is now. ?

Greetings Avon
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