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Monster Hunter Portable 3rd HD VER
06-25-2014, 03:37 AM (This post was last modified: 06-25-2014 04:04 AM by Shadowgodd.)
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RE: Monster Hunter Portable 3rd HD VER
really? i thought it was legal if i owned rights to the game sure they are copied back ups but i still own rights to the UMDs that sit on my game shelf collecting dust i cant do the whole ripping thing
1 i have no psp anymore
2 i dont know exactly how to do the ripping thing
3 when i say right and playable im refering to using the copy to play if u have a broken psp
5 its my right to have a back up of anything i own being physical or digital.
6 i dont condone piracy, i stated i own a copy of the game and i do own a copy of the game! because that is what all games are a copy of the original developers program, so by what ur saying "its illegal to own any copy of any game ever created" is just quite frankly a retarded statement on your behalf... all games even the physical non downloaded that are store bought are copies!
7 so this was what i thought a good work around for my problem was,
as for me owning MHp3HD i nvr got it via psn i thought i did cuz i know i was playing a version of it last before i killed my psp but then it occurred to me that i was actually playing the original psp non HD version that was gifted from a friend when it actually came out in JP and yes i had a psp that let me play JP games, i still have the umd (scratched beyond hell)... that is where i was getting confused tho the original (psp) and the HD (ps3) version, therefore i deleted that copy and tried the original psp version that does not work so i just said F it and went back to MHFU also i own the UMD for that too ...either way i still believe as long as u own the rights to the game having a back up is not illegal i own rights to the games in sum shape or form (form mainly being UMDs) ...n if u wanna come over and rip them all for me and set it up be my guest i wont be paying u a darn thing tho. and do u realize how dumb it sounds? it being illegal to have a copy of a game i already own? just seems ur butthurt cuz i took the easy way... either or it wont matter in a week cuz i plan to reup my playstation platforms with a new PS4 PSvita and yes prolly a PSP too maybe even another PS3 just to say i own them all... hell id even get a pspgo again if it didnt suck so much cuz unlike u i can once again afford all these once more... the only reason i sold off my psv and ps3 was cuz i lived with an asshole... said asshole is no longer a problem so im back in the money... so stop ur bitchn

3.- psn japan have this game for ps3 users the problem of psn is you are stuck on the psn of your console and ip it isnt like xbox live

also u can change ur account on ps3 to have a JP account i have 1 and yes i can buy JP games thru it ...its not that hard to figure out u buy the game and before u DL it u move back over to ur US account so u dont have to keep switching weve all done it well at least the ones smart enough to do so... guessing u havent since u stated what u did.


also it only becomes illegal if im going around making copies and giving them away or reselling them... i do not do either ...maybe the guy i got it from faces this problem but i do not... also guess what if you ripped your UMD version onto a PC to play it their get this ITS STILL A COPY so think about that ... if u say its illegal to own a copy well guess what not only do u own a copy u created a copy!

yes this was all to u Tabris666 my cell dont like doinbthe whole quote reply thing all the time... but there u go try n talk shit to me ill set u straight.
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