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Monster Hunter Portable 3rd HD VER
06-21-2014, 10:02 PM
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RE: Monster Hunter Portable 3rd HD VER
(06-19-2014 06:41 AM)Shadowgodd Wrote:  its illegal if you own no copies of the game either UMD or digital but as long as you own rights to a copy of the game (digital or physical) you are fine... i own either the UMDs or digital copies of all my games i have loaded on my PPSSPP emu... the only reason i am using the emu is cuz my old psp is in a thousand pieces hahaha damn Basarios battle way back in the day... but the guy who was talking bout legal and illegal ness of games and emus when it comes to games like this 1 you kinda have no choice to get it illegally cuz it never came out in the states... however you can buy the PSN version or import it from Japan like i did and DL an english patched version and you stumble into a legal loophole... they cant get you for making the game right and playable by you, as in from japanese to english... i for 1 actually own this via UMD yea i found the damn thing in my old psp case... i thought i bought it on the PSN but now i remember importing it via amazon hahaha damn pothead memory hahaha
anyways if you only intend to run games you own you can find PPSSPP via google... and ISOs on [sorry guess i cant help those who are lazy or dont have a PSP anymore nor a PC to obtian the ISO file].... just google both terms and you will find them... if you plan on using an android device PPSSPP is on Googleplay and i advise getting it asap cuz Emus often get taken down from Googleplay cuz they are nazis over there hahaha...

[I answered my previous question i had here by finding my UMD of this game and seeing that it was MHFU that i actually bought on PSN hahaha
you can patch the PSP version i forgot how and may have actually just used wiki to translate everything i dont really remember i was kinda playing MHF(with a friend who didnt want to get MHFU), MHFU(with really good character and box full of rare4 items) and this 1 all at the same time haha]

also sorry bout the red blotch... guess im not allowed to help the lazy people out by posting links... if you use the sites properly as in only obtaining the copies of the games you already own it is not piracy yo!

Im sorry to break you appart but everything you said is so wrong i cant bellieve it
1.- is illegal to download backups of games even if you have a copy of the game is still illegal
2.- this game is only retail and thats all
3.- psn japan have this game for ps3 users the problem of psn is you are stuck on the psn of your console and ip it isnt like xbox live that you can change your config to pinpoint japan and get everything on digital sale you are stuck to your country isp on psn i know this because when i was on uk i couldnt buy games for the nippon psn i was waiting to get and it was useles it didnt work
4.- sony autorizes if is not against the laws of your country 1 bakup of the game so in case you live in any part of america you cant make backups because the american laws forbid this type of action.
5.- 99.5 % of psp library is physical so you dont have excuses to say i have a digital copy so i can use it on an emulator because digital copy have heavier encryption than retail umd just think that all digital copy have the same encryption or heavier than this game so is useless
6.- you said your psp is broken in pieces and the problem is the following you are condoning piracy by downloading illegal copy of games it doesnt matter if you own them because the laws are crystal clear by the way you said "they cant get you for making the game right and playable for you" unfortunately this sentence was wrong the translation is reverse enginering and as everyone know reverse enginering is illegal

my apologies to the moderators but this user bottered me
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