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Monster Hunter Portable 3rd HD VER
02-25-2014, 07:04 PM (This post was last modified: 02-26-2014 02:57 AM by TheDax.)
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Bug RE: Monster Hunter Portable 3rd HD VER
@[email protected]

Yes dude i can probably play it, but it`s not even close to "full speed" its like before the most of the time still unplayable...


EDIT 1 (Important!) - if you need a solution for Android scroll down to EDIT 2:

I figured out that it`s playable on PC if you use a little sort of a trick: turn on the "turbo" or "speed up" button and set the alternative speed at a rate between about 150% and 200% of the games speed.


It seems that the game doesnt really knows how it sould lock the fps.

If you turn on the "FPS counter" in the menu you can easily see, that fps are locked in the village at a rate of between 12 and 15 fps.
Thats not enough to make it playable but! with the turbo option set at a rate of 200% it works quite well at 24 - 30 fps whats quite smooth playable. As you can see in the picture below.

[Image: a1gzys.jpg]

At quests it turns out that it should be locked at 30 fps. (60 fps is too much, it looks kinda like a speedhack)

But it will not lock it to constant base 30 fps by itself. It varies between unplayable 12 fps (like in area 4/7) and almost likely playable 20 fps.

So again if you turn on the turbo, it sets itself at about playable 24 to 40 fps (whats actually not bad but a bit to fast and looks/feels unnatural) at some areas at 200% speed up.

If you take the 150% speed up it`s quite fine and stutters around almost playable 18 to perfect 30 fps. Except for Area 7 where it apears to get the most slowdowns. (200% is required at a minimum as you can see in the pictures below)

[Image: fkvdk8.jpg]

[Image: b49pau.jpg]

[Image: 2mmbati.jpg]

So as you see, it looks like the game doesn`t really knows at what framerate it should lock its base fps.

My question is now, is there any possible way to impliment an option that (like the extra option for GOW to not go over 60fps) locks the fps to a base rate of 30? That would be the playable rate the game needs.
I think it shouldn`t be to hard to impliment that option like in GOW or am I wrong?!

The other aspect I noticed is that the games audio is quite well at 30 fps, not perfect but it`s ok.


EDIT 2 (for Android):

As you may know you also have the option to turn up the speed on the android version of PPSSPP.

The only thing I can`t figure out is why it seems that it won`t keep it locked at different alternative speed of the game in the settings.
It appears, that it will always change back the alternative speed to 75% or does not response to the set 150/200/300% of speed and goes around 300-600% as it likes by itself.
The other thing is, that it will not keep the turbo on if you don`t keep your finger on the button.

So it seems it`s no possible solution for android devices in that way until now. (PPSSPP version was Android v0.9.7.2-110-g0569681)

My specs tested on:

Win7 64
i5 3570k
EVGA GTX 670 oc

Snapdragon 800
Adreno 330
Android JB 4.2.2

I hope this helps a bit and I will send this to the Henrik in the hope that he can find a way to help us all with this great game!

Mod edit: Resized absurdly huge pictures into clickable thumbnails. See the edited post's code for how to do this in the future. Smile
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