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Monster Hunter Portable 3rd HD VER
06-21-2013, 04:50 AM (This post was last modified: 04-01-2014 02:34 AM by TheDax.)
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Monster Hunter Portable 3rd HD VER
Most of the credit goes to BlackDaemon, since he first experimented with this, as far as I know. I just took his work and began to clean it up. Thanks also to [Unknown] and danieru.

[Image: ibn8YRdDM7eZs2.jpg]

DiscID: NPJB40001
Version: v0.8.1-15-g5b5f9cb and onward, x86/x64 Windows, 0.9.5-1063-g6fed4e2 (maybe some prior build? unsure) for Android and friends
OS: Windows 7 x64 SP1, Android 4.3.1
Pro Online multiplayer status: Working, with limitations* *For some reason, if you're playing over Hamachi/the Internet, everybody has to slow their emulators down to 25% alternate speed or less, until a quest is loaded.
Notes: Perfectly playable now with sound effects, and possible minor graphics glitches (e.g. steaks and fish don't change colour, and ATI/AMD GPUs can experience what looks like Z-fighting with ground textures) FMVs don't play due to lack of sceMpegAvcConvertToYuv420 and sceJpegCsc. Movies now play in v0.9.1-1020-g198434c and onward.

Images (Click or touch to view full size):
[Image: imsPhXredLvnw.png]
[Image: inrEUKJKZucUZ.png]
[Image: iAOPJSaqScwy7.png]
[Image: iCmitgVqLLkh8.png]
[Image: ibqieM4Cfvks8M.png]
[Image: ibwnB075LEA8sl.png]


1Q. How do I get this game off my PS3?
1A. If you have a PS3 with custom firmware, use an FTP program to grab /dev_hdd0/game/NPJB40001/USR_DIR/CONTENT/EBOOT.PBP and put it somewhere on your PC/mobile, then just extract the ISO (if you want to run the translated version) or just run it. On a PC, if you have access to a Bluray drive, it should be possible to grab the DATA000.PKG off the disk directly (TODO: Are PS3 games readable in a PC Bluray drive?), and use LeecherMan's HD Remaster PKG extractor to get your EBOOT.PBP.

2Q. Why does the game not have sound effects?
2A. Make sure you have the Atrac3+ audio plugin for your platform. Download it from Settings -> Audio if you don't have it. Also, turn up the sound effects volume in the audio settings.

3Q. Why did this version work first and not the PSP version?
3A. Because of this (read post #18): The PS3/HD version doesn't use scePauth, and thus can run. The PSP version has run for about 2 months now, but it's still a pain since one has to dump PAUTH files from the game. If you can get the HD version, I recommend it.

4Q. Is this a "real" PS3 game?
4A. No, it's a PSP game designed to run in an emulator which can have larger texture sizes, as well as more system RAM. By allowing for these in PPSSPP, we can run these HD Remasters with little hassle.

5Q. Is there a translation patch available?
5A. Yes, look on Team Maverick's blog for the English patch. There's also a Hungarian (magyar nyelv) translation patch by The_Reaper_CooL out there. Make sure you download the PS3 patch! The PSP patch will NOT work properly on the PS3 version!

6Q. I'm getting some slowdown. Is it normal?
6A. It depends. First of all, HD Remasters are more demanding than regular PSP games. If FPS is below 30, then it's likely an emulation bug, or the emulated CPU speed should actually be higher. Open your PPSSPP.ini file and set CPUSpeed to something like 400 to help reduce or eliminate the slowdown. Higher numbers might be required for multi-boss quests; experiment and see. Just keep in mind: Raising the emulated CPU speed makes the emulator that much more demanding, so if you begin to lose Speed as you increase the CPU speed, turn it back down or live with the Speed loss, since your PC/device isn't keeping up. On the other hand, if it's just a Speed (not FPS) drop, your PC or device isn't "strong" enough to handle the game full speed all the time.

7Q. How do I control the camera besides using the dpad?
7A. Since 0.9, PPSSPP gained a new control mapping interface, superseding the old one. This new UI allows you to bind as many real controller buttons as you want to a single PSP button, so simply bind your right analog stick axes to up, down, left, and right on the emulated PSP's d-pad, and they should both work together.

8Q. Why doesn't this game work on my Android/iOS phone/tablet?
8A. It's a known issue; the game will basically give you frozen touch controls or lock up with a black screen when running it. My guess is an ARM JIT bug.
8A. It's been working on Android since 0.9.5-1063-g6fed4e2 on my ancient Tegra 2 tablet, so see if it works on your device, too!

4GHz AMD 3900X, 32GB DDR4 RAM, 6GB Nvidia RTX 2060, Asus Crosshair 7 Hero (Wifi), Linux
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