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Desktop PPSSPP performance comparison
06-19-2013, 10:48 AM
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Desktop PPSSPP performance comparison
Tested on Ubuntu 13.04 64 bit on a game that can't reach 60 VPS on my system
(the name of the game is meaningless; the test was performed at the title screen (so that I could repeat it more easily)):

Wine (Windows32 release via a Wine32 prefix (NOT via the default Wine64 prefix!))
VPS: 46-48 (with both 1x and 2x zoom)
FPS: 155

Wine (Windows64 release (via the default Wine64 prefix))
VPS: 44-45 (with both 1x and 2x zoom)
FPS: 155

Native ( compiled by me on Ubuntu64)
VPS: 60 with 1x zoom (best result ever).
VPS: 37-39 with 2x zoom (worst result ever). (OK my GPU is old and weak (Nvidia GT 120), but is scaling the screen that expensive? And why 2x zoom is faster using Wine?)
FPS: 155-156

I was not shocked at all by the first two results (and I guess the Windows32 release runs slightly faster on a Windows32 OS than the Windows64 release on a Windows64 OS with the same hardware too: I'm not sure who wins on the same Windows64 OS, though):
it may be caused by the fact that the 32bit dynarec is faster.

The third result looks strange to me: what is causing the performance drop with 2x zoom ?
And if that depends on my GPU, it shouldn't behave better under Wine, should it?
And why there is almost no performance drop between 1x and 2x zoom under Wine ?

Further details:
I haven't tested the SDL version so far.
I've used "FBO active" in all my tests (but this is not significant).
The presence (or the absence) of the atrac3 decoder was uninfluential.
The "Use Media Engine" option is no more present in current versions of PPSSPP AFAIK (and this choice makes some games unplayable),
but the media engine is not responsible for the results of my tests.
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