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Problem with Tactics Ogre
06-15-2013, 09:44 AM
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Problem with Tactics Ogre
This PPSSPP is by far the best PSP emulator, and many thanks for creating it. My favorite game is Tactics Ogre, and it works beautifully for almost everything. There are just two things that would perfect it:

1. Buffer rendering needs to be disabled when on the map screen, and conversely, buffer rendering needs to be on in the action screen. So, basically, I can just press the F5 key, when I need to to turn on or off buffer rendering. Although, this seems like it would be an easy thing to iron out, IDK...just thinking of what would make this emulator even better.

2. In Tactics Ogre, linear filtering can't be turned on in the action or fighting screen. It creates a smoothed (which is good) look, but also it makes many rectangle tiles out of the screen.

Which one would I like most fixed? I would say that is #1. You sure have active programing often update PPSSPP at least once a day. Thanks for your hard work.
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