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Programming Skills??
06-01-2013, 06:18 PM (This post was last modified: 06-01-2013 06:21 PM by Afinda.)
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RE: Programming Skills??
While i'm still pretty much a novice at Programming(Began learning how to Program just recently with a Book my Dad gave me) i can tell you that it's nothing as magical as it may seem to be, there's far more crazy stuff out there lol Tongue

As far as i am Concerned, like i already said, i started learning how to Program just recently. However over the course of my "life" i had various occasions when i've been intrested in "How" to do things. The first was learning how to create Websites (HTML) when i was around 14/15 years old. That eventually led me to come across php at some point starting to learn something rather similar to most programming languages (the way things are done). I also picked Informatics as elective class in School where we later on got into programming with BASIC.

After that it was more or less a matter of Intrest "every now and then". Taking a look at Virtual Basic and eventually dropping it. Picking up C, droping it. Scriping a little in c# (scriping as in for server emulation). After having found PPSSPP i decided to start learning C# and see it through/stick to it, for the sake of being able to programm something as amazing as an Emulator sometime in the future. Looking at the PPSSPP code i pretty much can tell what it does and how it does it, probably even could implement something by myself if i took my time to pile up enough information resources and get into the code i think.

If you really want to learn Programming, if you really want it. You can do it. It all depends on yourself. Though i'd recommend doing it by reading a good Book so you can go at your own pace and jump back/forth in chapters for cross reference or if you forgot something. Having played Half-Life (one of the first cool games i played) when it came out 1998 i thought "How can i create something as cool as this, how to make these Environments, weapons?". Now i'm able to Map and Model for basicly any Game either an Leveleditor is avaiable for or a Plugin to convert the models to (ANY Game). You just gotta want to know "How".
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