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06-01-2013, 03:27 PM
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(06-01-2013 11:33 AM)Flare Wrote:  Wait, aren't those Models used by other Games? Is that even legal o_O?

Modifying an game Itself could be seen as Violation towards the License/Law to begin with. Though there isn't really any Harm done in a way that would possibly reduce game sales, besides the PSP itself being as good as dead as plattform for non-hardcore users/people who bought it back when it was released. (Vita being in the focus now).

The only one ultimately might facing problems would be the one spreading the files/giving tutorials on how to mod.


I wish PPSSPP would've been around earlier for games like Mohun/FF:CC and in general for the sake of good Fullscreen gameplay since my good 'ol PSP-1000 has seen better days. The Display itself getting something like "dust" spots in it. (Yeah it's in the Display, disassemled the psp to see if it was just beneath the plastic cover, but it is indeed inside the display itself).

And for Modding reasons, since it enables games to be played on plattforms with superior power games could be modded for that reason (higher res textures/models perhaps) for some eyecandy. The game mechanics being left the same. Would also be intresting to see what kind of impact such changes had on original hardware (meaning the impact of FPS on PSP-1000 for example).
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