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So I just wrote an atrac3+ frame decode library (2013-06-03)
05-31-2013, 01:47 AM
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RE: So I just wrote an atrac3+ frame decode library
Finally, no more third party programs like Sonic Stage, OpenMG or at3tool to get music working, this at3plusdecoder.dll will be the closest thing for atrac3+ audio until Maxim release his reverse engineered decoder. Hopefully the issues/bugs people are having in some games with this .dll will be fixed.

Now we just need media working and PPSSPP 0.8.0 will be around the corner.

I'm wondering, would the reverse engineered decoder by Maxim be able to fix the missing sound effect in some games like: Mega Man Maverick Hunter X? because sadly the sfx are still missing with this at3plusdecoder.dll, but no doubt this .dll is the closest thing we will get until Maxim surprise us.

Anyway, kudos to the author of this atrac3+ decoder and kudos to the PPSSPP team for this awesome emulator too, cheers.

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