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Eiyuu Densetsu: Zero no Kiseki (NPJH50311)
08-07-2017, 12:29 AM
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RE: Eiyuu Densetsu: Zero no Kiseki (NPJH50311)
Apologies for bumping this thread from the dead.

I recently tried this ISO with a english fan translation patch with the latest PPSSPP build (1.4.2). However I encountered issues with saving. I'm not sure if it's the ISO, or the patch, or the PPSSPP emulator itself. Basically when I started up the game it tried it told me it couldn't find my "System Data". When I tried to save the game during the beginning of the prologue, it told me I was "unable to save".

I may be an idiot and missed something from a potential to dos list after putting the emulator on my computer but can anyone point out how to resolve this issue?
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