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the app can't properly recognize controller on mac
03-29-2024, 01:56 AM
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the app can't properly recognize controller on mac
hi everyone : )

first of all i want to anticipate some apologies in case of any misunderstandings cause my english isn't 100% fluent

so, i recently installed ppsspp on my macbook catalina (OS 10.15), and the joystick is acting kinda weird

some buttons aren't reconizable at all, and there are some of them that are switched

for example:
i can't use or map the circle button, same as square, R1, start, and a few more
but the arrows are working fine, same as L1 and select
when i individually or automatically map them, the cross work as circle and the triangle as square

and on the analogs:
i can use the left analog only for up and down, and the right analog is working for left and right only

it's really specific but i couldn't find a solution - i also tried a few apps like enjoyable, usb overdrive etc

the controller is a generic one, but it worked fine on openemu (which i dont really like because of the graphics on psp games)

so, if anyone know why is that happening or what can i do to fix that, i aprecciate

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