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Stutters of SonicStage and TMP folder solution.
04-26-2013, 06:09 PM
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Stutters of SonicStage and TMP folder solution.
Nezarn commented

Can you add as an optional option the tmp folder (for pc)? Lot of games have stutters\"freeze" at voice\bgm change because always decoding on fly... (for example: black rock shooter, ingame cutscenes 1-3 sec freeze when someone says something; Final Fantasy 1-3 lot of waiting before and after battle ~2-5 sec (and im pretty sure its not my pc's fault, i can even run pcsx2 at 2x native (and 1920x1080) without lag.)) Jpcsp doesnt have these problems because of usage of temp files (no need to always decode music\voice, just once.)

Well if you merge this, then can you at least add an option to disable music\voice? (if tmp files is a big NO.)
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