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[Modding Help] Tekken 6 Audio Modding
02-08-2024, 11:22 AM
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Music [Modding Help] Tekken 6 Audio Modding
So, i've been working on a Tekken 6 mod lately, but i have barely found any information about psp game modding anywhere in the internet. No documentations/tutorials/guides seem to be available anywhere.

If there is anyone experienced with psp game modding (especially working with .AT3 files) i'd love to receive some help with it.

I have extracted the game ISO with UMDgen and got no AT3 files for easy replacement, which seem to be somewhere inside the EBOOT.bin that i have decrypted with PPSSPP and tried reading it in a hex editor, however, even if i can find the files there i have no idea on how to actually extract nor replace them. I also can't find a way to get any actual file from inside of it.

The only solution i could think of, would be to know the exact boundaries of the AT3 file and manually replace the binary code with my own AT3 binary, but that seems way too overcomplicated and clearly not the answer.
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