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Issue with Yugioh Tag Force 3
12-23-2023, 10:45 PM
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Issue with Yugioh Tag Force 3
I've got a problem with Yugioh Tag Force 3: Japanese ver with English translation patch on PPSSPP.

I installed my files from here:

The two I installed were the english translation of the JP version and the HD textures pack. I played for about two days before I got to a tag duel with Judai against Yubel and Adrian. However, after deciding who goes first, the game just keeps loading and doesn't start the duel. Everything else works; I can duel NPCs, edit my deck, buy packs, travel, etc, except that specific story duel. I tried removing the HD textures and playing the game from an older version of PPSSPP but it didn't change anything. Any ideas on how to fix? I really don't want to lose my progress, I pulled a lot of good cards.
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