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PPSSPP Texture Dump Tool - Simplifying Texture Modding Experience
09-27-2023, 11:41 PM
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PPSSPP Texture Dump Tool - Simplifying Texture Modding Experience
Hey fellow PPSSPP modders!

I want to share an open source tool I made that can improve your texture modding experience.

This tool has you rename and organize dumped textures in order to create readily formatted entries for textures.ini and remove hashes from filenames once the output for textures.ini is created.

Here's a brief overview of how it works:

PPSSPP Texture Dump Tool executable must be placed inside the "new" folder where your dumped textures reside (`PSP/TEXTURE/GAME_ID/new/`).

You have to manually rename the texture files and arrange them into appropriate folder structures using either of the supported naming conventions:

- For single textures:
- Rename from `new/TEXTURE_HASH.png` to `new/path/to/TEXTURE_HASH new_name.png`, or
- Rename from `new/TEXTURE_HASH.png` to `new/path/to/TEXTURE_HASHnew_name.png`.
(Space between hash and name optional)

- For flipbook animations:
- Move the animation frames inside a folder with the `_anim` suffix and keep the hashes as names (e.g., `new/path/to_anim/TEXTURE_HASH.png`). Please note that custom names are not supported for flipbook animations.

After you've renamed and organized all your textures, simply run the PPSSPP Texture Dump Tool program.

The tool will recursively scan the directory and generate a `textures.txt` file at the root level. Each line in the file represents a `.png` texture found during the scan and follows this format:

TEXTURE_HASH = path/to/file/new_name_without_hash_and_first_space.png

Once the line is printed to `textures.txt`, the tool automatically removes the hash (and space immediately after hash if you added one) from the corresponding file's name. The file will be renamed from `path/to/HASH file.png` to `path/to/file.png` or `path/to_anim/***.png` for files in _anim folders.
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