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Need help with controls of PPSSPP (keyboard buttons work in weird way)
07-15-2023, 09:04 PM (This post was last modified: 07-15-2023 09:09 PM by Hillion.)
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Sad Need help with controls of PPSSPP (keyboard buttons work in weird way)
Have a huge problem I am playing Liberty City Stories with keyboard binds at most everything works great almost like a pc port but I've noticed few problems that it takes it away from being perfect so
I've binded my space bar to an R button that is used for lock on and handbrake for cars, but when holding spacebar and button D (which was binded to analog stick right), it's difficult to explain but basically what happens is that when holding those buttons together, the character walks right and then he stops I have to press D button again for him to walk right, another issue is that when using shift which I planned to use as sprint (button PS X), combination of shift and button ps circle makes it act like I am pressing dpad right and the last thing if I press button ALT with W my character walks forward when i already let go of buttons he only stops when I press W again, i have ppsspp hotkeys turned off, it almost feels like windows hotkets are invading the emulator which causes such issue
P.s this effect still happens even if Spacebar, ALT and Shift are not binded to anything.
P.p.s I think the exclusive Fullscreen would have fixed that issue because it would be a separate environment from Windows desktop it sad ppsspp still doesn't have that despite the request being acknowledged for almost a decade.
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