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Zettai Zetsumei Toshi 3 (絶体絶命都市3)
05-30-2013, 09:59 PM
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RE: Zettai Zetsumei Toshi 3 (絶体絶命都市3)
I wanted to post with an update. The game doesn't seem to have seen much improvement in a month, if any, but I did manage to complete the game all the way through. It can be completed on PPSSPP, although with a good amount of caveats. I would like to post additional information plus summarize the issues I have posted plus any additional issues I have found, plus shed some light onto how the game would be easier to play, even though you're basically playing as a floating head. I did this on revision 7xx (forgot to jot down the exact number, sorry), but any logs I include are from v0.7.6-935-g3d06c67.

One major issue I found is that opening the コスチューム (costume menu) causes the emulator to spectacularly crash - this also happens when picking costumes up.

Error console using JIT (I don't know exactly how to read the logs, but it looks like PPSSPP thinks I'm trying to quit the application when I open the menu/pick up a costume or something - that is not me exiting the application, and the application just turns into a black screen where I cannot do anything):

Here's the log when attempting this without JIT being enabled (in this one, I actually did close the application since it seems like it would go on forever if I did not - as you can see, PPSSPP kind of freaks out):

Even though you cannot equip any costumes, you can still equip accessories such as gloves, shoes, and hats, which will show up (and hats will also come with hair), which is odd.

Like before, there is still a slew of minor graphical issues. Also, some sounds are not emulated properly and movies do not play, which is all to be expected. However, 6 of the 9 (or 8, depending on how you want to count them...) endings end at the same point in the game, so the movie is necessary to know what ending was achieved. Of course, that'll most likely get fixed naturally.

Other than that, button inputs still completely die on the "new game" "character select" screen, which makes it impossible to go in-game, unless that save is used. I would create a save that allows someone to play as the female character, but I don't know how, as any new game+ saves I create simply drop you into the character select screen... However, they play similarly enough anyway, and they have the same stories and environments, it's just that the female character has different item pickups for compasses/costumes (which cannot be used anyway)/accessories, and the like.
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