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NBA 2k12 and 2k13 adhoc not working
06-22-2023, 05:25 AM
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Exclamation NBA 2k12 and 2k13 adhoc not working
My brother and I are trying to play locally using adhoc but when I host it send an error,Im using android idk how to send logs but it goes like this:
(we tried both games but having different errors)

NBA2k12 = disconected, adhoc error 110
NBA2k13 = disconected, adhoc error 32

We know the steps we both have the same ip and port offset, I have Built in adhoc on and we dont have any vpn or zero tier active, any fix to this?

some games work normally like tekken 6
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06-26-2023, 05:42 AM (This post was last modified: 06-26-2023 06:07 AM by AdamN.)
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RE: NBA 2k12 and 2k13 adhoc not working
First of all, are those error code comes from "Failed to connect to Adhoc Server" message? or Did you managed to connect to Adhoc Server (indicated by "Network initialized" message)?

Socket error 110 = Timed out, which mean when you want to connect to the other side, no body on the other side is listening to it, or the waiting time was too short.
Socket error 32 = broken pipe, which mean at the time you want to send something the other side already closed the connection.

If those error code didn't came from "Failed to connect to Adhoc Server" message, the game might be using a very short timeout, if both players are running at a different speed the slow player might not be able to respond on time, there is also a possibility of timing issue since our networking syscalls didn't have accurate timings as nobody have measured the timings on a real PSP yet. (some games still have timing issue, but usually only happened during joining/lobby stage)

Things you may want to try:
- Change the "Minimum Timeout" to a larger value (ie. 300 or 500), doesn't always worked, depends on the connection/socket type.
- Enable "Forced First Connect", may not have any effect on newer PPSSPP, if it do have any effect, let use know Smile
- Enable "Force real clock sync", doesn't always have any effect, some games gets a more stable connection with this enabled.
- Try using a different port offset number (ie. 5000, 10000, 20000, 50000, etc), in case the port the game tried to use were already taken by a different program/app.
- Disable Cheat/Speedhacks (if any of the player use it), as it could affects the timing too.

You can find out more settings that may affects multiplayer from

My Modified PPSSPP :
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