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Linux version, not recognizing dpad of dualshock2
06-05-2023, 04:39 AM
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Linux version, not recognizing dpad of dualshock2
Ubuntu 22.04 LTS

Using Sony Dualshock2 controller adapted to USB through a KikiJOY adapter (ubuntu recognizes it as "LTS PSX/USB Pad)

Attempting to configure buttons and it will not recgnize the D-pad presses, which are interpreted by my system (viewing through jstest-gtk) as "Axis 4" (horizontal dpad) and "Axis 5" (vertical dpad). It has no problem with any of the buttons. If I use the "Analog" toggle button and turn analog mode off on the controller itself, it will interpret the dpad as if it was the left analog stick, but will not recognize any input from either analog stick.

The left analog stick can be configured to the PSP analog stick fine, however the right analog stick will only work in the horizontal axis and down but not up. The PPSSPP software calls moving the right analog stick downward "pad1.Touch Major+" and doesn't consider it a full thing as I also have to hit something else, and it calls the horizontal directions "pressure-" and "Pressure+".

It also thinks L1 and R2 are the same button for some reason. Same with R1 and R3.

Actual Control          jstest-gtk             PPSSPP

Dpad Up                 axis5 -                (nothing)
Dpad Down               axis5 +                (nothing)
Dpad Left               axis4 -                (nothing)
Dpad Right              axis4 +                (nothing)
LAnalog Up              axis1 -                pad1.Y Axis-
LAnalog Down            axis1 +                pad1.Y Axis+
LAnalog Left            axis0 -                pad1.X Axis-
LAnalog Right           axis0 +                pad1.X Axis+
RAnalog Up              axis2 -                (nothing)
RAnalog Down            axis2 +                pad1.Touch Major+
RAnalog Left            axis3 -                pad1.Pressure-
RAnalog Right           axis3 +                pad1.Pressure+
Triangle                button 0               pad1.b2
Circle                  button 1               pad1.b3
X                       button 2               pad1.b1
Square                  button 3               pad1.b4
L1                      button 6               pad1.b5  !
L2                      button 4               pad1.b6
R1                      button 7               pad1.ThumbL !
R2                      button 5               pad1.b5  !
Select                  button 8               pad1.b9
Start                   button 9               pad1.b10
L3(push in L stick)     button 10              pad1.Back
R3(push in R stick)     button 11              pad1.ThumbL !
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