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Slowdowns and Stutterings on latest v1.15.4 HELP!!
05-28-2023, 04:17 PM
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Slowdowns and Stutterings on latest v1.15.4 HELP!!
Hi! new here, is there somebody experience this? i was playing Monster Hunter Freedom Unite then everytime i go to another area or fight monsters the ppsspp tanks my frames to half(17 to 25fps/30) while the speed drops to 67% and the sound go crackly for a bit then the speed and frames go back to their stable numbers and cyclw repeats, i tried everything, even on default its not working and btw all my psp iso's are in my SD Card(Sandisk Ultra 512GB A1 Class 10 150mbps speed) tried changing i/o timing method test all 3 options still the same results it stutter together with slowdown and speed up(like fast forward) when the emu bump its frames and speed to normal. any help will be much appreciated!!

PPSSPP v1.15.4
Vulkan, x2 Reso, Native Device reso the rest is defaults.

Quick Spec:
SnapDragon 865, Adreno650, 6GB Ram, Android13
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