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Strike Witches: Silver Wings (PSP)
05-25-2023, 09:17 PM (This post was last modified: 05-26-2023 09:50 PM by Halcón Negro.)
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Photo Strike Witches: Silver Wings (PSP)
Here is the realese of the Strike Witches: Silver Wings texture replacement and translation of the game:
(All the text was translated using DeepTL)

>What is translated:

-What the girls say when you explore the base
-The menu with Junko about the neuroi
-Minna menu with the records/music
-Tarot section with Eila

>What is not translated:
-the description of the reversed Chariot card that i couldnt find and maybe some text that i missed.

>About the textures:
Some of the textures were take from the Xbox 360 version due to being in much higher resolution and others were upscaled using Waifux2, so some may look very good and some kinda weird.

Also some texture between the Xbox and PSP are different, so i tried to "match" the psp ones using the xbox ones using photoshop...

The textures that were replaced were the ones related to the characters, bosses and enemies, as well stages and various menus. The textures that wasnt replaced/upscaled were the ones related to effects like bullets and beams.

[Image: Base_Menu.gif]

[Image: Main_Menu.gif]

Version 1.0

Special Thanks to:
-People from the World Witches Series discord for all the info and sprites/textures that they provided.
-AkiraJkr from the PPSSPP discord and forum for the texture.ini explanation and template.
-DKDave from the XeNTAx discord who created a script to extract the missing textures that i needed that were inside the Xbox 360 ver.


-to the Busou Shinki: Battle Masters game because without this i wouldnt even start trying to translate the Strike Witches game all of this bc i couldnt translate this one, the only thing i did was translate the menus and do some texture scaling/replacement and... i couldnt put Galatea on the game...

Download Here
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