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Quest port: most games are NOT displayed in 3D
04-06-2023, 10:02 PM
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Quest port: most games are NOT displayed in 3D
As per the title. I just tested a sizable bunch of games on the Quest port and most of them were not running in 3D when using immersion mode - with every relevant option checked and the app correctly updated -. I've tried many and the only ones that actually ran in 3D were Outrun 2, Ace Combat - not sure which one right now, however -, Indiana Jones and the Staff of Kings and Call of Duty - although that one's unplayable because of a lot of glitches -. Each and every one out of many others I tried didn't do 3D; there was no depth at all on the visual output, the images projected to both eyes being absolutely identical twins - tested and proved through screen captures for both eyes - turning games played in immersive mode into kinda pointless and awkward spherical, 360° 2D projections. What's worse is the fact that many of the games I tried are included in this semi-official list set up by the developer who ported the emu and are cited there as being1 "3D - OK", meaning that people who tested them claim they were displayed in 3D for them, which I seriously doubt unless there's been some recent update that broke the depth effect on those specific games. Some of them are From Russia With Love, Sega Rally, Crazy Taxy, Moto GP and Medal of Honor Heroes, but there were many more, some included on the list, some not.

My point is, if there was no faulty update that broke those games, which I seriously doubt, I can only conclude there has to be many people out there who have a terrible perception of depth and "felt" those games where presented to them in actual 3D, maybe because of a placebo effect, even if they really were and are not. I urge anyone with a Quest headset, the time, the disposition and actual, functional capability of depth perception to try the specific games I mentioned to see what I mean and see it by by themselves. That list ought to be fixed, honestly. I'm tempted to do it myself, but I'd like to hear the port developer's opinion on the matter, if he gets to read this.
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02-02-2024, 12:24 AM
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RE: Quest port: most games are NOT displayed in 3D
first off: it blows my mind that PSP games are running as good as they are on Quest. thanks for this gem of an emulator and the great Quest port

second: it blows my mind there were PSP stereoscopic 3D games. Was this actually a thing back then? How did they play it? If not, if it's only available by emulation, then why just some games get the treatment? Is it coded game by game into the emulator?

last time I played year ago I tested GT and Ghost of Sparta and 3D was definitely there. I didn't reinstall these this year, and out of many like Wipeout Pure, Tomb Raider Anniversary or Crisis Core, none had any 3D. But surprisingly I just fired up Pirates of Caribbean Dead Man's Chest and there it is, surprisingly good stereoscopic effect much like that of 3DS titles. And on Quest you actually get 6DoF motion too, you move your head and get closer or better view from corners. Stunning.

if I find any more games, I list them here. Wipeout Pure actually has some weird 3D effect, looks like ship flickering, but only on left eye. And it seems to only be there with frame skip 2...
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