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pspatari help! Menu screen is hiding...
03-12-2023, 08:12 PM
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pspatari help! Menu screen is hiding...
Hello - I really really want to run an Atari 800 emulator (pspatari-v1.1.3) via PPSSPP on my Oculus Quest. I'm having some issues however - as soon as I try to switch back and forth from the menu to the emulation screen, things stop working (it looks like the menu is BEHIND the emulation screen).

Per the forum post where instructions are provided for emulators: it is written for the pspatari emulator: "You must disable Buffered rendering on menu and enable it when game is loaded". Can someone let me know where I can find this setting on a modern version of PPSSPP? The closest setting I can see for this is "Skip Buffer Effects". However, when I select this the Windows version of PPSSPP acts very weird and the Oculus version crashes entirely.

One observation: On the Windows version of PPSSPP I can successfully switch between menu/game screen with this emulator a few ways:
- double clicking the screen to flip between full/windowed mode
- going to the PPSSPP menu and changing resolution.

Maybe someone can suggest a way to do something similar on the Oculus version?

Can anyone help with this? I've been using pspatari for years and years on an actual PSP and porting this over to Oculus would be a wonderful upgrade! Thanks in advance for your help.
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