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Save states and Speed toggle
03-11-2023, 12:36 PM
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Save states and Speed toggle
Hi, PPSSPP team!

I wanted to ask a quick question regarding Save states and Speed toggle options.

Does using save states, or speed toggle option increase any chance of data or save corruption within a game?

So far all of the games that I play have either long loading times, or far checkpoints, making me redo the whole section of the game over and over each time I fail, so I grew the habit of using Save states, and increasing game speed to save myself some time, so I'm curious if there are any consequences of these actions.

I remember seeing a similar thread to this back in the day on PCSX2 forums, where the developers claimed that using save states can corrupt the data on your game and that in fact, it's better to use a native save system, so I'm wondering if the same thing is true for PPSSPP?

Also, the same question regarding playing the game by increasing its emulation speed. Does this affect the game or its data in any way, and should I stop doing it, or is it safe to use?

P.S. Apologies if this thread is double-posted. When I first tried to post it, it simply reverted me back to the "General Discussion and Announcements" forum, so if you see a double-post, please report one to the admins and let them remove it.
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