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PPSSPP Core (RA) + Vulkan Renderer !
12-26-2022, 03:14 PM
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PPSSPP Core (RA) + Vulkan Renderer !
Hello each and single one of ya,

First of, i like to congrats all the people behind the ppsspp project for this great piece of emuware that works pretty much flawless on my system .. So far.. Rolleyes

Now, there's still one and rather old issue that hasn't been fixed properly according to github reports..

When i use the Vulkan renderer and go from window to fullscreen, RA just crashes to desktop !!

It doesn't happend when using Fullscreen → window mode however .

I knew emediatly that this certainly must be an renderer issue.. And sure enough, as soon i switch RA to OpenGL fire up ppsspp and go to fullscreen.. No more crashes ... Big Grin

Just Fyi, i don't know if it helps allot to report RA Core build issues here, since core builds are ussually many revisions behind the stand Alone builds !!

Besided that, no major issue to report.. With proper settings, i run all games with PEACH PeRFECT A/V emulation at 101% speed Big Grin (throttled) and 750% Unthrottled Tongue

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