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WLAN and GPS Support in MGS Portable Ops
10-19-2022, 06:40 AM
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WLAN and GPS Support in MGS Portable Ops
Hey everyone, I have a few questions about MGS Portable Ops
Once you get a few missions in, you get the option to recruit enemy soldiers to your army, you can either do this by directly grabbing them during missions or by making use of the psp's wlan support to grab soldiers from nearby networks. Further more, there was also a GPS version of recruiting where you could walk around with the psp to find soldiers that are randomly positioned around you.

My questions are:

Is it possible for ppsspp to use wlan in this way to recruit soldiers?
If so how?
Is there GPS support in ppsspp and would it work for this?

(also, while not ppsspp related, I was wondering if there was a cooldown period with these methods of recruitment as I have been unable to find much info on this feature)

thanks in advance Big Grin
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