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(Guide) How to Install Texture Packs on PPSSPP
07-05-2022, 05:11 PM (This post was last modified: 07-11-2022 01:13 PM by MetalTxus.)
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Information (Guide) How to Install Texture Packs on PPSSPP
Since there is not an official guide on how to install texture packs and people have trouble with it, reasonably so, I decided to step in and try to make one myself.
But before getting into it, there are some things to consider.

Depending on your OS and installation, texture paths will be different

I only quite recently came across this. This is pure speculation, but I suspect downloading the ZIP vs downloading the installer result in different installation paths (if anyone is able to confirm, please do so).
Moderator Note: Yes, that is indeed the case.

The possible texture paths are:
  • PPSSPP/memstick/PSP/TEXTURES (if you download the ZIP)
  • Documents/PPSSPP/PSP/TEXTURES (if you use the installer)
[Image: EAWgAIU.png]

A texture pack is made for a specific game build

This means that the texture pack is only assured to work for that particular version. The pack might not work for different revisions, even of the same region.
In other words, beta versions of a game and/or different updates for the same game might be incompatible with the texture pack. In my experience, the installed DLC might also introduce incompatibilities.

Here are some real world examples, using my own texture packs as reference:
  • My Disgaea PSP HD texture pack (ULUS10308) would likely not work with the PAL version (ULES-00999) of the game
  • My Disgaea 2 PSP HD texture pack (ULUS10461) used to not 100% work unless you had all DLC installed, but that was fixed in newer versions

How to find out game serial numbers

The easiest way to do so is by right clicking a game in PPSSPP's game list. The code will be displayed right next to the game's name.

[Image: arCn2vW.png]

OK, now finally:
How to Install Texture Packs with PPSSPP

One time setup

In order to install texture packs you first need to enable texture load. To do so, make sure to enable option
Settings > Tools > Developer Tools > Replace Textures
  • If that did not work and/or you are experiencing performance issues, make sure you did not enable "Save New Textures" by mistake.

Individual pack installation

Once texture load is enabled, you simply will need to extract texture packs to the corresponding folder (as previously mentioned).
There are two things to make sure of:
  • The containing folder name must be exactly the game's serial number (e.g.: TEXTURES/ULUS10308)
  • The folder you need to place under TEXTURES is the folder than contains a textures.ini file. If the pack you downloaded has nested folders, make sure to copy the right one.

PS: feel free to reply/message me with anything I might have missed or written incorrectly and I will review it as soon as possible.
Since I barely visit this forum, you should rather contact me on Discord (Txus#0986).
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