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[Linux/Ubuntu] Can't reach my ROM folder on a 2nd drive
03-24-2022, 01:33 PM
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[Linux/Ubuntu] Can't reach my ROM folder on a 2nd drive

So, for whatever reason I can't access my 2nd drive (//media/smrk/Teški) where my ROMs are located. I tried changing ownership from root to user(smrk) via chown commands, but still nothing changed.

Here is a screenshot of my folder in file manager:
[Image: Screenshot-24-03-22-13-03-43.png]

And here is what the ppsspp sees:
[Image: Screenshot-24-03-22-13-03-12.png]

I know I can just place the folder inside a folder that is accessable, but for organizational and spacial purposes I want it to stay on my 2nd HDD.

Thanks in advance.
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