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[Windows] Custom controls on pad
04-29-2013, 09:56 PM
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RE: [Windows] Custom controls on pad
(04-29-2013 12:14 AM)elsword Wrote:  ...for example your default mapping is O and you use these tools to change it to an X , when you press the button it ends up you are pressing O and X at the same time lol

(04-29-2013 08:57 AM)vnctdj Wrote:  
(04-29-2013 07:53 AM)elsword Wrote:  my USB gamepad auto maps the buttons i already said about this , the emulator's control settings has nothing to do with it , even if i set all the key of emulator's control to 1 single key , the USB gamepad still work the way it was mapped , none / Xinput / directinput are the same

these tools only add addition functions to the gamepad it can not overwrite / delete the automated mapping of the USB gamepad

That's strange, I can overwrite the automated mapping of my USB gamepad by the use of "XInput" option with no problem... Huh

Yeah, before I set the force device to XInput (was on DirectInput), I have the same problem as elsword. But now it works perfectly.. Thanx a bunch for the tip, vnctdj! Big Grin
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