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[Windows] Custom controls on pad
04-28-2013, 10:20 PM
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RE: [Windows] Custom controls on pad
Honestly guys, the perfection is either Xpadder or Joy2key for the digital button functions, and then use the regular xbox 360 pad for the analog. I have to take my hat off and give major props to whoever is responsible for developing the input and control support for this emulator. This is one of the only emulators I know of that allows you to use Xinput *AND* keyboard simultaneously. This was a brilliant decision since it allows us to use Xpadder for our direct input controllers, and xinput for the xbox 360 controllers.

I do have a suggestion and a request for the devs....please add options to adjust the deadzone, saturation and sensitivity to the psp analog knob via xbox controller when using xinput. We can use the analog function which is great, but we don't know how the analog stick is being mapped to the virtual analog psp knob. Is the ratio 1:1? Or does the xbox analog stick move more than it should versus the psp knob? A sensitivity and deadzone option would certainly resolve this question, and it would allow us to tweak the stick how we like it.
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