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Issues running the emulator from network shares
02-28-2022, 01:46 PM
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Issues running the emulator from network shares
Heya, I've stumbled upon quite a peculiar bug with the latest x64 dev build of the emulator:

To put you in context, I am running the emulator off my home server's share drive, so all files and folders are accessed via UNC paths.

When you first launch the emulator, it creates the directory structure it needs to the PSP memory stick and configurations.

Then, this is what happens:
- When you configure anything related to the emulator, none of the options are saved.
- When you go in game of any game, and attempt to save, it tell you it is unable to write the data.

To confirm, I take the full UNC path and mount it as a network drive with a letter (Y: in my case). Running the emulator now, all options are being saved correctly, and all games behave correctly.

Is it possible to add this into a feature or bugfix implementation to properly support UNC paths?

Tested running off Windows 11 Pro.
Data is stored on my home server running Windows Server 2019 Datacenter.

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