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02-09-2022, 01:44 AM
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Hi, love this one but it stutters (sound gets caught in a buffer loop, imagine like a DJ repeat effect, 1/4 beat)
and also crashes randomly.

Hopefully this can be put on the list to fix Smile

MSI GT77, 13980HX, 64GB Ram, RTX 4090M, Win 11 Pro
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02-09-2022, 07:48 AM
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RE: Gripshift
You could try my custom build ie. get it from yesterdays artifacts or build on your own.

It includes this PR as a compat hack which supposedly fixes some games including this one(but breaks others, hence why it's just a hack and not a proper solution to the issue).

Anyway you should read the rules before posting as in here we post 1 compatibility thread per game and for this game it already exists in here. - Custom PPSSPP Shaders! - simple CE scripts to help creating CWCheats, - CWCheat workarounds.
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02-09-2022, 10:20 AM (This post was last modified: 02-09-2022 10:33 AM by Bavanity.)
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RE: Gripshift
Sigh, I do everything wrong here.
I thought I did it right this time, I really did.

I am sorry. I will add another thing to the list, to do a thorough search for any game before ever posting a new topic again.

My apologies, sincerely.

Thanks for the answer though.

I'll try your build if it's portable, heck yeah will try it, as it may help with Afterburner as well.

I have no idea what you are on about to :build my own".. I am not capable of this.

I just checked all the links in your post and can't find anything to just download and run.

I have no idea what PR means in this context.

I am at a complete and utter loss.. I find github and those things incredibly complex and still can't get a grip on it years after I first encountered it. I just re checked your links and nothing makes sense to me.. where it says arm 64 or win amd 64 (the one i would want I presume), there is nothing to actually click to download.

Sorry but the only way I will be able to try this is with literally a direct link to a pre made PPSSPP compatibility hack build.

Sorry again, I just can't work it out. That's all I have been doing since my previous post, trying to find a download link.
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02-09-2022, 03:59 PM
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RE: Gripshift
PR is pull request, basically a code someone wanted to be merged into PPSSPP, but since it's a hack, it's not going to happen.

The artifacts I linked are builds ready to download, there's one for windows arm, one for windows x86, one for macos and one for ubuntu. I don't know if Afterburner suffered from same issue so the hack is not applied for it. - Custom PPSSPP Shaders! - simple CE scripts to help creating CWCheats, - CWCheat workarounds.
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02-09-2022, 07:51 PM (This post was last modified: 02-09-2022 07:55 PM by Bavanity.)
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RE: Gripshift
Afterburner black falcon sound gets stuck and sometimes also does the repeat thing.. I believe it may fix it - it won't fix the small graphic corruptions but it will make the game playable. It didn't do anything when I tried it but now I understand it's because the specific fix has to be applied. I would owe you if you could apply it to AB black falcon as well. That's my favourite AB game ever made, and although I have played through it on my PSP, twice, I have been trying for 5 years to play it in HD and try every build to no avail.

I did eventually find the download, and it fixes coded arms contagion and gripshift, thanks. What's weird is that all the graphics settings are set to native, I haven't changed anything yet, but it's rendering at high res like my ppsspp gold that's in a completely different folder.

I did a search using the app "everything", and it seems ppsspp is entirely portable in one folder, and each build, yours and the official, have remained within their folders.. so I am at a complete loss as to how it's accessing the same visual settings as the gold version.. EG the gold version I have set at direct3d 11 and 5x. Your hack build is displaying the same res even though it clearly says "native, 1:1"
So that tells me, portable or not, there are definitely conflicts having them on the same computer, I am guessing it must be registry related then.
However thankfully each build is allowing its own input configuration, cause I did something totally different with your build to turn coded arms into a proper twin stick FPS with analog control (I chose control option 3 where move and strafe is on the buttons and look/shoot aim is on the left stick, then I assigned the right buttons to the left analog stick and the left analog stick to the right analog stick. It plays exactly like a proper FPS with fine control now!)

I really am concerned about the conflict though and if it's going to cause issues for me down the line...I was a mac user for 20 years and only switched to windows when apple announced another change in architecture, I had had enough, and every OS update broke my studio apps.
But I am not proficient in the registry, in windows at all. I only ever used to use it in bootcamp for ppsspp and pcsx2. That's it. Now I use it as my only computer OS and the registry bewilders me!
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02-09-2022, 10:54 PM
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RE: Gripshift
PPSSPP is portable by default, however if you place it inside a folder without write rights it will have to store it's config elsewhere, in windows for example that would be inside "my documents" folder keeping it common for all builds and instances of PPSSPP you run. You also might have common settings set to native, but per-game setting set to higher res.

Then again, you're confused 1:1 is not PSP native, but native to your screen resolution, if you want PSP native, use x1 render res. Also my build doesn't even have selection box, but a slider for render res as one of it's features is to make very high render res screenshots.

As for adding more games for existing hacks, you can do it yourself, by editing compat.ini inside PPSSPP/assets by just adding region code = true under name of the hack in brackets, just look how other games are added there, I doubt the same hack can help, but my build has various hacks which can be tested against broken games. - Custom PPSSPP Shaders! - simple CE scripts to help creating CWCheats, - CWCheat workarounds.
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02-11-2022, 12:30 PM (This post was last modified: 02-11-2022 12:34 PM by Bavanity.)
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RE: Gripshift
It has write rights.. it's in my documents in /emulation/ppsspp gold and yours is in emulation/ppsspp test build
It says PSP native resolution, clearly. I may not know much but I know at default, PPSSPP does not upscale unless you tell it too. I changed not one setting of your build except controls and only once i realised it had fixed the coded arms contagion issue. I have touched no other setting, it's all default.
So yours by default must upscale, and I confused it with conflicting with my other build. All good. I'll muck about with it later and make sure there are no conflicts.
I am not that stupid that I don't know the difference between per game or common settings. For coded arms for example, even in your build, I only set it as a per game input config, the overall config for other games is not affected. LOL just because I am not proficient in windows doesn't mean I can't run an app.

But think about this.. you are telling me I am basically probably doing everything wrong within the app, hence the issues I mentioned, then tell me to add the fix myself which is way more complicated than just using the app itself. How does that make sense?

I'll try though because it's worth a shot.

I just checked the compat.ini file...
yeah, I have absolutely NO idea what you are talking about. I am not even going to try.
I don't understand when you know exactly what you are doing, why can't you try? If it's text it will take you two minutes and I'd appreciate it.
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