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[WIP] Lumines Puzzle Fusion - HD Texture Pack & 60 FPS Mode
01-29-2022, 06:14 PM (This post was last modified: 02-07-2022 10:04 PM by +Revenant+.)
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[WIP] Lumines Puzzle Fusion - HD Texture Pack & 60 FPS Mode
Lumines Puzzle Fusion - HD Texture Pack & 60 FPS Mode

[Image: 5zl262MM_o.png]

Tbh this project is actually started from huge disappointment about recent Lumines Remastered, which, despite containing same skins(music), has nothing simular to the original game.

So I decided to make my own “remaster”, with almost all graphics being redone from scratch (just because ripping and putting graphics from remaster is boring) + creating 60 FPS cheat to make game much more playable.

And now you finally can taste my results. This is not an ideal dream texture pack, its just an attempt to make game look a little better. I’m not going to say is it better or worse than remaster, this is what you need to decide by yourself. But I hope you will enjoy my almost year going work.

Comparison Screenshots (just click it)

Download & Info

Google Drive

Supported Regions: US (ULUS10002), JP (ULJS00005) and more is coming…

Total Texture Pack Size:
USA = 95.79 Mb
JAPAN = 92.11Mb

Upscale Ratio : 4x

Upscale Method : RealSR and Waifu2x + Manual Upscaling

60 FPS Cheat
I hope someone will finally add it in cheat.db

_S ULUS-10002
_G Lumines [USA]
_C1 60 FPS
_L 0x20093EE4 0x0000003C
_C0 30 FPS [Default]
_L 0x20093EE4 0x0000001E

_S ULJS-00005
_G Lumines [JP]
_C1 60 FPS
_L 0x2008F6D4 0x0000003C
_C0 30 FPS [Default]
_L 0x2008F6D4 0x0000001E

= 1.1.1 =

- Fixed typo in "SQUARE DANCE" skin label (which i noticed only now XP)

- Fixed "45 Degrees" and "Whoop-De-Do" skin blocks

= 1.1 =

- Implemented JP(ULJS00005) version compatibility

- Also added japanese text to the US version (yes it supports japanese too)

- Redrawn "TALK 2 YOU" skin blocks

- Returned original SINGLE SKIN MODE icon (initial one can be found in extras)

- Changed "STRANGERS" & "THE SPY LOVES ME" skin labels

- Added more original skin labels in extras

- Fixed some typos in credits

- Added japanese version of Mekong skin in extras

- Fixed "JUST" &  "TIN TOY" skin texture

= 1.0 =

- Initial release

Known Issues

1. No EU version
This is currently WIP and i hope it will appear soon.
2. Missing sounds when using 60 FPS cheat in JP version
Unfortunately, i have no idea how to fix it. I can only suggest to play US version instead, since it has japanese language compatibility for some reason, and 60 FPS works properly here.
3. Texture shaking
Some skins ("Take Dog Out a Walk" & "Big Elpaso" as example) have sprites which tends to shake for no adequate reason. Unfortunately, there’s no easy solution to this problem.
4. Texture misplacement
This is pretty common problem for this game. Probably due to developers having lack of time (or strong believe that no one will notice it on small PSP screen), a lot of texture regions were left out of bounds, also some sprite scaling issues present. This pack fixes some issues, but sadly not all of them, so don’t worry when you see some cutted edges on textures, I’ve tried my best to fit textures into that stupid regions.
5. Some graphics changed
This is a result of 90% of graphics being redone from scratch. Some graphics were changed as a compromise solution. Some to make it look better on big screen. Some just left as an experiment ;)
Now extra textures with more original graphics exists.

Special Thanks!
GIMP – For being best photoshop alternative
Krita – For being excellent painting tool (and most broken vector editor ever).
Video2X – For being pretty handy and easy upscaling utility.
Waifu2X Project – For being best simple graphics upscaler.
RealSR Project – For being best photo upscaler.

Original Lumines team – For such an awesome game!
PPSSPP Team – For the best emulator ever existing!
Sony – For making best portable console, with great games.
“Coffee” – For giving me motivation to finish this abandoned mess.

Texture Pack & 60 FPS Cheat made by +Revenant+
Assistance with making JP version by nassau-tk

LUMINES TM & © 2005 Q Entertainment and Bandai
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01-31-2022, 03:34 PM
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RE: [WIP] Lumines Puzzle Fusion - HD Texture Pack & 60 FPS Mode
Wow, this is very impressive. Might check the game out sometime. Nice work.
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02-10-2022, 10:55 PM
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RE: [WIP] Lumines Puzzle Fusion - HD Texture Pack & 60 FPS Mode
What's a great work!!

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