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gta_remastered plugin
01-09-2022, 12:56 AM
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gta_remastered plugin
Hi, I am searching for some documentation on using plugins with ppsspp. Recently I got a ps vita and discovered that a lot of Heart was given to LCS and VCS, there's a few plugins for both games allowing them to play in the PS Vita'snative resolution, GTA_remastered enable the right thumbstick for proper camera controls as well as updated controls and most importantly (to me) cheat device was remastered to work not just on the vita but also on PPSSPP. I have figured out how to install remastered cheat device but can't quite make out of how to use additional plugins. Specifically gta_remastered. I've done a bit of googling and found this site but cannot find the plugin mentioned there anywhere online (gta_remastered_ppsspp.prx)Huh. Can anybody help me with tracking this plugin down as well as providing me with a bit of a tutorial so I can understand how ppsspp handles plugins and how the plugin.ini works ie: does it need to be an ini for each plugin? Thanks in advance for any and all helpRolleyes
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01-13-2022, 04:35 PM
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RE: gta_remastered plugin
Plugin is not available on PPSSPP. But there's a thread that you'll see what you're looking for. There's VCS and LCS and it's not a plugin. Its a CWCheat
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05-05-2022, 06:02 AM
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RE: gta_remastered plugin
Hi , I got the same problem as you. I finished GTA:LCS and wanted to play more. So I downloaded cheatdevice_remastered. I did everything as the readme said but it could't work.The following is taken from the readme

All versions of the game (except the Japanese releases) are supported! As a bonus the German versions will be patched back uncut again.
Tested and working on selected PSP CFWs as well as on Adrenaline eCFW for Vita and PPSSPP v1.12.3.

PPSSPP is like 98% compatible right now. There might be more issues due to the emulation however.

This will NOT work with mobile versions!


PSP & Adrenaline
1. Place the "cheatdevice_remastered.prx" file inside "ms0:/seplugins" folder on your PSP

2. Edit "ms0:/seplugins/GAME.TXT" file (create it if not already there) and add the line "ms0:/seplugins/cheatdevice_remastered.prx 1"
If you are using the native resolution patch by TheFloW make sure to load the CheatDevice first by placeing "gta_native.prx" line AFTER this one!

3. In the VSH-menu enable 333Mhz in Game-mode for a smoother experience.

0. Locate your MemoryStick-folder typically under C:\ .. \Documents\PPSSPP\ for Windows (for Android, iOS etc use a filebrowser to find it)

1. Create path /PSP/PLUGINS/cheatdevice_remastered

2. Place the "cheatdevice_remastered.prx" file as well as the "plugin.ini" inside"

Strangely, I made it on my psp equipment. Here is link . I hope this will help you. Tell me if you make it. I really want to play it with ppsspp for PC.
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