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How to test games to help things get fixed
11-03-2013, 07:48 PM
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RE: How to test games to help things get fixed
Link fixed, I forgot I was using forum software with questionable link detection.

Hmm, I didn't realize it required English. For the driver, I think you can actually just get it from the libusb-win32 project.

pspautotests are really simple imho. You write some code, it runs on the PSP (going through usb by way of psplink), and the output comes back and is written to a file. Then you run the same code in the emulator, and it compares the program output to that file from the PSP.

It's not really important to understand the magic of how you can write the program locally and it runs on the PSP but gives results locally.

Example of creating a brand new test:

Step 1. Download the pspsdk. You can install with this:

IIRC, it wants to live in c:\pspsdk - if you don't want to deal with things, just let it.

Step 2. Copy psplink to your PSP. It's in c:\pspsdk\psplink\psp\oe\psplink - a regular EBOOT and friends. Copy the psplink directory to your PSP\GAME\ folder on your psp.

Step 3. Install Python, if you haven't already. You can use the installer:

Step 4. Set up the driver:

Step 4.1. THIS IS IMPORTANT. Turn on your PSP, and run the "psplink" game.

Step 4.2. Once it comes up with "PSPLink" in the top left of the screen, plug in the USB cable to your computer. Be 100% sure you did NOT load the PSP's USB mode. You should NOT see your PSP come up as a drive. If you do, you messed up. Start over. This has tripped people up.

Step 4.3. "Install" libusb-win32 (do this WHILE your PSP is connected per the above. This is important.)

Step 4.4. Run the "inf-wizard" in the bin directory from that zip.

Step 4.5. Make sure you select "PSP" Type B.

Step 4.6. Once it creates the inf file, right click and install it (iirc, pretty sure it doesn't offer to install for you...)

Step 5. If you want tests to run faster, open a command prompt, and type:
cd /d c:\path\to\ppsspp\pspautotests
usbhostfs_pc -b 3000

This isn't required, but your tests will run faster and be less noisy if you do this. Minimize that window and just leave it open.

Step 6. Now you're basically ready. Open a different command prompt, and type:
cd /d c:\path\to\ppsspp\pspautotests misc/libc

Congratulations. You just ran the test in pspautotests/tests/misc/libc.c. The output is now in pspautotests/tests/misc/libc.expected.

Now, you want to compare this with PPSSPP, which is what is for. I have a copy of in pspautotests/ myself, but you can do:
cd .. misc/libc

This will show you any differences in how PPSSPP runs the same small sample program.

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