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Modify the DBZ Tag Team without closing the emulator or the process
11-18-2021, 11:44 PM
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RE: Modify the DBZ Tag Team without closing the emulator or the process
(11-06-2021 11:13 PM)LunaMoo Wrote:  You should describe exactly what you're trying to do and where it fails.

By what you said I can only guess you're trying to inject some code via external software, this will fail unless the software knows how to deal with mapped memory, also it might crash if you're using JIT since PPSSPP does some jit hacks and external software will interact with those hacks instead of game code. External cheating software like ie. Cheat Engine is only useful to search for things you later can track through disassembly within PPSSPP itself and even that popular software will crash in modern windows operating systems without using special workaround(which CE author explained deeper on his forums, and my CE table for PPSSPP includes).

If by "installing mod" you mean "injecting code" the best thing to do is to just inject that code using CWCheat format which is supported in PPSSPP natively, if you call yourself a modder aka can code in mips assembly to modify PSP games, looking for details about that should be no problem for you, PSP game plugins(not kernel ones!) are also supported, but I never bothered so can't tell much about those. Either way no reason to use external software.

PPSSPP project should never be compared to PCSX2, one began in ancient times and works like an ancient software, the other is completely modern and multiplatform, guess which is which yourself.^__^

I think the word inject doesn't define it, I'm just trying to modify the game but not the PPSSPP, exchanging values but not inserting INTO THE .ISO

What I am trying to do is change a simple character for another, that is, paste the values of the current character by values of the new character (with the same size), the truth is that I would not know how to explain this in technical terms.

They are not CWCheat, no. And external software does not modify anything in the emulator, it just tries to modify the game files while it is running, so to speak.

Sorry if I offended the project, but I am not comparing it, I am just giving an example that the PS2 emulator (PCSX 2) does and I did not know if it is old or new code.

I only come to receive help or information, I do not come to complain about whether or not it can be done haha, well thank you.

Sorry my languague native is spanish
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