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Weird memory leak issue with OpenGL
11-16-2022, 10:31 AM
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RE: Weird memory leak issue with OpenGL
I am having this exact same issue. My RAM usage just keeps going up and up until it cant take anymore and then ppsspp just freezes and shuts off with no warning or error displayed. When it doesn't crash, it seems to hover at around 22GB of RAM usage for a while, then randomly crashes when playing the game. Once it reaches about 24GB, the program just freezes and closes.

If I pause the game, or nothing is happening on screen, the amount the memory raises slows greatly, or stops completely until there's activity on screen again. It's almost like its writing to memory, and then not ever cleaning anything out once it's done. It just keeps going and going until there's no memory left to use and it crashes.

Turning on show fps, or debug statistics also stops ram raise for me as well like described above. The second I turn them back off, the ram usage continues to soar. I certainly do not want to play with these things covering the screen.

I also tried multiple versions of the emulator. All of the 1.7 versions worked fine for me as well, as soon as I got to 1.8, the issue is present from that point on just like for the original poster.

This is only happening when using OpenGL for me. DirectX stays at around 200MB on average. I am not sure why OpenGL wants to use 24GB+. I do not want to use DirectX, I want to use OpenGL.

I tried what the poster here said fixed it for them. Using DDU, and reinstalling Nvidia drivers did not fix it for me like it supposedly did for them.

Any idea whats going on, or how to fix this? I would like to be able to use the emulator without constant crashing.
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