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After Burner Black Falcon still broken
10-14-2021, 05:42 PM
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After Burner Black Falcon still broken
For some reason my first time posting did nothing, as in, my topic wasn't created at all, so, I'll try again.

Issues with game:
Severe flashing on initial loading screen

Split down middle of menus

Sound doesn't work properly, in fact that's what makes the game unplayable - music doesn't play and effects get stuck on loop

It has been in this exact state for YEARS now, and I am begging the developer to fix it. It is my favourite after burner game of all time, and I am really wanting to play it in 4K.

Yes I have my PSP (although it's been years since I turned it on LOL, I wonder if it still works) and a UMD of the game that I have completed, but every PPSSPP release, I load it up in excitement to no avail. I wonder why this one game is so hard to fix? I have been through 3 different computers throughout the PPSSPP releases I have tried it on.

Funnily enough, it works in JPCSP, but upscaling is completely broken, in fact that app acts crazy so I uninstalled it ages ago.

Current Specs:
Alienware M17 R3
32GB ram
Win 10 Pro 21H1

I was finally moved to register at the forums to plead.

BTW I HAVE donated on an older email address, but I am happy to donate again, and again, once afterburner is fixed SmileBig GrinBig GrinBig GrinBig Grin
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10-14-2021, 10:54 PM
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RE: After Burner Black Falcon still broken
Please forgive me, I didn't know at the time that moderators needed to approve new posts from noobs.
There are two topics. If a mod sees this, let's keep this one and delete the one below it with a slightly different title (missing "still broken" in the title).

Sorry again.
Now when my topic doesn't appear, I will know to be patient.
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