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Strange Audio Crackling
08-23-2021, 04:26 PM
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Strange Audio Crackling
Yesterday, I was looking for PSP emulators to use on my Windows Laptop, and came across PPSSPP. I was able to set up everything fine, easily load the games I wanted and it seemed that I was going to be good. However, as soon as the game started up (Final Fantasy Aniversary Edition), a persistent crackling noise was accompanying the sound. I could hear the game cursor noise in the background, and it was running at full fps but it was almost like...there was an overlay of crackling?

At first, I thought it was the game, so I went and tried another but the noise still persisted. So I instead tried to play one of the homebrew games you can download, and like before the crackling was still there. Desperate, I turned off the sound figuring I could just listen to music on youtube or something - but somehow the crackling occurred even when the sound was off - but only when a game was running. (It was fine in the main menu.) Curious, I went into settings and turned on the UI sound - and noticed that the noises also had a weird crackling whenever I clicked different tabs in the main hub.

I even tried a different emulator to see if maybe my laptop just couldn't handle a PSP framework. (I used Retroarch, with the PSP module.) And that worked just fine. However, I really prefer the layout of PPSSPP in comparison to others and would love to know if there is a way I could fix this.

Here are my Laptop specs if they help any:

HP Laptop
Intel Core i7-850U CPU @ 1.80GHz 4.69 GHz
8.00 GB RAM
Windows 10 64bit
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