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DS4 controller input lag?
06-07-2021, 03:29 AM
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DS4 controller input lag?
Hello. I know this question gets asked routinely, but couldn’t find a fix yet. I started playing Star Ocean Second Evolution recently and finally got it to run smooth, but the input lag is pretty noticeable. Just using keyboard keys, it’s about 4-5 frames of input lag, which is manageable, but with my PS4 controller it jumps up to about 7-8 frames. I’m guessing the extra frames are inherent from using 3rd party drivers for a console controller. I’m using stand alone as the latency tools in retroarch didn’t work. Here’s my info:

Lenovo Laptop win10 with i7 and GTX 2060, using input mapper (SCP toolkit kept disabling my KB)

Tried both wired and Bluetooth connection for the controller, no major difference.

V sync off helps a bit, but only with
OpenGL and tearing is bad.

Tried different back ends.
Frame skipping auto

Alll settings under performance are checked except v sync and retain textures

Upscale: auto
Type: XBRZ
Anioscopic filter 4x

Frame rate is smooth 60

Any fixes yet or is it just something inherent with the software? Is there a previous build that runs better?

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06-30-2021, 04:48 PM
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RE: DS4 controller input lag?
This is more of a problem with Bluetooth in general rather than emulators. Try downloading DS4 lag repair for PS4 by Hugo MB. Try and you should be happy!
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11-26-2022, 04:41 AM (This post was last modified: 11-28-2022 03:36 AM by Elizabethgoodwin.)
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RE: DS4 controller input lag?
Input Delay ds4windows. In DS4Windows case, we refer to the time it takes for the system/DS4Windows to communicate with the controller. A high latency means a high input delay in games, meaning the time it takes for your character to respond to the controller commands. official website
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