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Completely stuffed up my entire ppspp, please help.
05-25-2021, 10:57 AM
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Completely stuffed up my entire ppspp, please help.
I'm currently playing corpse party on pc, and everything was working fine, no lag choppy audio, nothing. Then suddenly I come back and the audio is choppy and I can no longer use tab to speed up. So at first I decide that it's probably just a bug and decide to change a few settings. Then when it was just wasnt working I started getting frustrated and just ended up stiffing it up. After a couple days I still haven't out my problem, I downloaded creative cloud and some adobe apps a couple days ago and that might be taking up memory but I'm not sure. Please help,, I've stuffed it up so much I can't even change the backend back from Direct3d 9. Is there a way to fully factory reset without losing save files, cause I'm pretty far into the game...
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