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Option i cant desactivate. Help
05-02-2021, 03:20 PM
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Option i cant desactivate. Help
So normally when i play in ppsspp i saved my games and status with the save in installed.txt

When i updated PPSSPP to 1.11.3 and pass my saves to the new version i had to desactivate that option again bc it wasnt letting me see my saves that i passed from a version to other but when i start a game or just close and reopen the emulator the option gets activated again and in a game it didnt let me put status bc i used them bc in that game the moments to save where kinda far and that helps me in a lot of games especially when idk how many free time i will have or try some things. And i tried copy and paste the files from memstick where my og saves and etc is to other one that appeared in documents but im afraid it will still not be the same so i wanna know if there is something i missing so the installed.txt option stays turn off as i want pleasee qwq, this especially for some games like idk Persona1 and P3P. Atleast with P1 it helps me bc the encounter rate is to much and sometimes idk if exploring is good or if i should directly to a save or i need to do something instantly and i cant find a save point bc of the random please help
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